What Are The Types Of Truck With Forklifts & Which One To Choose?

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No doubt, the use of trucks with forklift is highly beneficial. But with diverse options available it gets confusing in deciding which is more suitable for your business.

Forklifts come in all sizes and shapes to suit different businesses. Here are some of the options that you can consider:

Warehouse Forklifts

This is the most well-known forklift you can find. It looks like a golf cart with forks extended from the front. It comes in most handy in the places where large inventory is stored. You can use them to load and unload materials as well as removing the transporting items from the vehicles. Furthermore, these Moffett forklifts can load items of up to 1-5 tons.

The warehouse forklift can further be divided into two types:

Side Loader: This one is usually found in a steel service center and is used to carry heavy and long items like a pipe. It has a sideways operation that allows you to move along the racks for loading and unloading without having to make a turn. They come in handy when you have narrow aisles.

Counterbalance Forklift: These forklifts have no extending arms, allowing them to move towards the load directly. To balance the weight, it has forks on the front side and weight in the back. This type of forklift is more useful where circular movement is required.

Tele-Handler Forklifts

This type of forklift has an extendable arm and is also known as a telescopic forklift. It is considered a combination of a forklift and a crane. The forks attached to its arms are used to lift materials off the ground. This Moffett forklift available has the capacity of lifting the weight up to 5,500 lbs to the height of 19 ft. The trucks are highly beneficial in the area with tight spaces and aisles.

Industrial Forklifts

These large-capacity forklifts have the functionality of both warehouse and telehandler forklift. It isn’t as flexible to reach the difficult angles as a telehandler but is capable of lifting more heavyweights. They can lift to 30,000 lbs of material. Also, they are narrow in scope as compared to the other two types i.e. warehouse forklift and telehandler.

Rough Terrain Forklift

This type of Moffett truck forklift is specially designed for outdoor use. They have oversized and sturdy tires that allow them to move around on rocky surfaces. If you have an indoor business, we won’t recommend you to use them as they are more specifically designed for outdoor use.

If you are looking for dealers to get this forklift, you can contact and visit Truck Forklifts. They have a different type of machinery to suit your business’s needs.

Walkie Stacker

Unlike other forklifts, they are different in appearance. The operator walks behind this machine and controls it using the handle attached. As compared to its other counterparts, it has less power, movement, and speed. However, it is ideal to use when you want to lift things higher which was not possible with other machines like pallet jack.

These are some of the common types of forklifts you can find. We recommend carefully observe the usability of every truck with a forklift to determine which one is suitable for your business.


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