Trends in Beauty Industry 2021

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We all know that the beauty industry is something that is ever-evolving and it is always changing. But the past year, due to the pandemic, there have been some drastic changes which lead to some unique trends and changes in the industry. Today we are going to be talking about all the beauty industry trends that will take place in 2021, so here are 6 trends that you can look out for. 

Skincare is Flourishing

Even though skin care is something that has always been around, until now it wasn’t so popular. It is becoming so popular that skincare makes for 19 percent of the industry as a whole. 

Skincare has become very popular recently. In fact, facial skincare makes up 19% of the beauty industry as a whole. As we were in a stressful time and spending our time at home, people have resorted to using skin care as a therapeutic way to relax and destress. Things like serums and moisturisers have been doing exceptionally well as well as collagen and vitamin C infused products. People have also been discovering many different beauty hacks that will make their skin even more amazing.

Natural beauty products are Getting More Popular

As everybody can probably tell, people are getting more conscious about how products affect their bodies as well as the environment. People have been discovering just how much undesirable chemicals and filler ingredients are in products that we use on a daily basis. Those are less desirable not only for the environment but also for the person who is using the said product. People are realising that anything that is not absorbed into your body will go back into the water system. That is why people have been more aware and looking into what goes into the products that they are using.


Although many people still don’t care, there are more and more people who are trying to find clean beauty alternatives even though they come with a higher price tag. Along with the product itself, people are focusing on buying products that also have plant-based packaging that is safe for the environment. Industry way of responding is greenwashing their products which is labeling their products as natural and clean even if they are not just to sell more. That is why you have to read the ingredients list instead of just believing what that product is marketed as. 

DIY Beauty And Pampering Has Grown Tremendously

Because we are going through a global pandemic, all the beauty salons aren’t considered as essential businesses, therefore they are closed. But that doesn’t mean that people will just stop doing those things, they will just do them on their own in their home. People were basically forced to pamper themselves at home using different DIY’s and some have even taken a step further and signed up for a beautician course to be able to pamper themselves with professional knowledge. Along with pampering, many people have been learning how to do their own nails, cut and dye their hair as well as their families. 

Ecommerce Is Becoming More And More Popular

Just like all the industries the beauty industry has been experiencing a shift in the way that their customers purchase their product. Since all the stores were closed, people have resorted to buying things online. That is why most retailers have been taking the industry towards eCommerce as it is more affordable than having your product in the store or owning your own store. 

Moisturizing Hand Sanitisers

Even though hand sanitisers are usually considered beauty products, the beauty industry has taken the initiative to bring them to their product lines. Because alcohol is the biggest component of powerful hand sanitisers, the products usually leave your hands dry and even chapped. That’s why the industry came up with moisturizing hand sanitisers. That little change created a business opportunity growth of 2520% in 2021.


Some bigger beauty companies made formulas that even have sufficient levels of the disinfectant while finding a way to incorporate moisturising ingredients that make your hands feel soft and nourished to aid this increasing demand.

For instance, Kylie Cosmetics has a glycerin-based hand sanitiser for $7, while someone as FRE Skincare will offer an oil-based sanitiser that will cost you $19. 

“Maskne” Prevention

As we all know, masks are mandatory. But wearing a mask for a long time will cause your face to breakout and get mask acne which is called mask. So one of the smartest things the beauty industry has done is come up with a mask that is designed to prevent maskne. These kinds of masks are made out of different materials which are breathable and antibacterial. 


Even though beauty estuaries can be predictable, when you incorporate the world that is struggling through a pandemic it can be quite hard to give any predictions for the upcoming years. At the end of the day, beauty is beauty and the industry is dictated by the consumers. But no matter what happens the industry will continue to grow and come up with new developments that will keep the industry growing. 


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