Treating COVID19 at home- Here’s what you should do

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The current situation of Delhi with all the farmer’s protests against the government passing by and this 2nd wave of COVID hitting the whole nation real hard, it seems like good days are quite too far. India is recording quite a number everyday in the list of active cases which is leading to lesser COVID beds in the hospital and lack of oxygen cylinders. 


The sigh of relief is that we know 81% of the patients have mild or low symptoms of the disease. Patients who have mild symptoms can easily follow precautions and help themselves to recover soon. Here is what you need to know about it.

Symptoms of disease- COVID19

When you read it further and you know the symptoms do not think you do not have to go for your test. We highly recommend you to at least be sure if you have symptoms or not. In the beginning of your COVID journey you will experience dry cough, sore throat, fever, and runny nose, but later on your symptom might include loss of smell and taste, headaches, fatigue, and body aches. Other symptoms might also include lack of breath, oxygen, consistent pain, or pressure in the chest, poor appetite, loose motions since you might be taking a lot of medicines already, fatigue, weakness and numbness in any limb or face. 


If you feel that while you are at your place, your condition is getting any better then that is great for you otherwise inform the nearest medical help available. If the condition worsens it is important to understand that you are doing no good in terms of this virus and hence going to the hospital is the only solution you’re left with. Hence it is mandatory to keep a check on your health everyday. First two or three days might be risky and you would feel the same almost everyday but gradually you will see the improvement. 


When you are not so sure about the symptoms and you are just in a dilemma what to do? Just isolate yourself from your family or anyone around you. The only way to figure out if you are doing good after you are tested positive is by measuring your oxygen level and your temperature every now and then. Once you are already aware of your condition stop going out and help the government to break this chain of pandemic. 

Keep a check on oxygen level

The device which is used to check the oxygen level is called the oximeter. Buy yourself one so that you can see if your oxygen is dropping or you have been able to maintain a good oxygen. Pulse oximeter helps to see the oxygen level in your blood. But while you are lying on the bed taking rest it is not going to detect anything rather it might go silent. 

Many doctors recommend that you stand up, record your oxygen level, and take a walk for 6  minutes straight then check again. Now if the oxygen level has dropped by 6 points or more you are in a real need of a doctor. If it stays the same or just a  number twisted you are fine in home isolation. 

Ending quarantine tips

Before getting into any more details about let’s be clear what is an isolation and what is quarantine. An isolation is keeping people who have tested positive against COVID19 in a place that is away from other people. It could be a hospital or an isolation center. While quarantine means that you have  mild symptoms and you can self isolate yourself at your own house. It usually ends once the negative tested report has been given. 


If we look at what the Health Ministry has to say about it then it is simple that even after testing negative, stay isolated for a few more days. They also mentioned that if the fever has only lasted for three days the chances of you getting alright after 14 days are more. In general people who have home quarantined themselves have always come up negative and in a way more healthier physique.

If the person is asymptomatic they can stay with the people they love for as long as 10 days afterwards they will also have to quarantine themselves. 

COVID recovery and other precautions  

Once you know you are alright and you have also got your negative test reports back, you will still have to take a few precautions. Try to workout almost everyday to build strength and practice yoga so that you work on your breathing patterns. 


Take good rest everyday and eat a balanced portion diet, both of which are great for recovering you if you are feeling weak and dizzy. 


But watch out for signs of ‘long Covid’, such as a cough that lasts months, hoarse voice, headache, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, and shortness of breath


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