TopTips From Experts on Writing a Brilliant Discussion Essay

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The true purpose of discussion essays is to inform the reader about a certain issue and show different perspectives. The focus will obviously be on your opinion, but your aim must not be persuading readers on what they should believe. A discussion essay is all about picking a side of an issue and supporting it with arguments. There should be no point where you disrespect the opinions of other people.

Teachers ask to write discussion essays to test their intellect and analytical abilities. The essays should leave a lasting impression among the readers. It should surround the issue you want to address. And to make that happen, you must have a well-rounded understanding of the essay. If you are in hurry and looking for ways to write the perfect discussion essay, you have arrived at the right place. I have compiled a list of some of the best tips suggested by professional expert essay writers. You will be able to write a well-structured discussion essay after you read this blog post.

  1. Choose an engaging topic

Make sure the topic you are choosing for your discussion essay is easier for you to write. You will need to discuss both sides of the point of view, and thus you need to ensure it has good research that provides pertinent information. Figure out a topic where you have the scope to use your unique voice.

  1. Organise your work

It is necessary to organise and understand the logical chain of your actions if you want your work to be effective. When all the information in your essay is organised, it is easier for you to write. The readers will be able to understand the chain of your thoughts clearly.

  1. Create a perfect layout in your mind

Brainstorm all the ideas that you will be using or implementing in your essay writing. When you have the basic outline in your mind, it will be easier for you to compose your essay. You must use your own words while rewriting the question to make it look more relevant. Come up with various ways to present both the opposing views in the body paragraph of the essay. The concluding paragraph must end with an emphasis on your essay. You must clearly state your opinion and recommendation in the concluding paragraph.

  1. Be cohesive with presenting your arguments

Through your problem solving abilities in your opinions, teachers will assess your awareness about the subject or topic. You must always be cohesive whenever you are presenting your arguments. Avoid making any kind of shallow arguments. No matter what supporting the argument you are presenting, you must always stick to it.

Whether the essay question is asking to give you judgement r reflecting on something, you must state your points strongly. Along with that, you should also back the argument with relevant evidence.

  1. Never be biased with your opinions

Just because you agree to one side opinion does not give you the right to disrespect other’s opinions. Your reader might not agree with your opinion, so you need to be careful with it. You must look at every opinion from different perspectives. Put yourself into other’s shoes and try understanding their situation when you are making the statement. Make sure to be always impartial and back up your arguments with logical reasoning.

  1. Do your researchDig deeper into your research work when you are collecting resources to support your points. For example, use the academic database online or visit the library to find credible resources which will help you establish your argument. Journal articles, books, e-books and websites are your main sources. In addition to that, use high quality news articles (only if they apply to your topic).
    1. Keep it formal

    While writing a discussion essay, you might lose track of writing requirements. However, you must avoid it as much as you can. Even if the topic of the essay is informal, you must do everything to keep it formal. It will reflect your sincerity and the seriousness you have for the essay writing.

    1. Make a draft always

You must always make a draft first and don’t try getting it perfect as you will have plenty of time for that later. Create the draft using your research data, outline and general essay structure. The essay must include an introduction, thesis statement, a well-structured body section and conclusion.

You need the draft to discuss and ensure it cover different aspects of the issue. Your goal will be to discuss and cover various aspects of the issue throughout the draft. This will ensure your essay has enough background information.

As per essay help writers, consider making a friend or a relative read it with voice and listen to their feedback. Then, use the feedback to create all the necessary changes.


Discussion essays are not as difficult as they may seem. If you follow the tips shared by the experts, writing a good discussion essay will seem like a walk in a park. You need to re-read the essay towards the end to make sure you had been fair to both sides of the argument. If you get stuck in the middle of your essay, seek guidance from professional experts.

AUTHOR BIO: Clara Smith is an English professor at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. She is also associated with, where she is one of the best professional essay writers.


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