Top Tips to Help You Manage Freelance Job with Academics

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Are you a student who wishes to start your journey as a freelance writer? Today, freelancing allows you to launch your career even before you graduate. Besides, it comes with more benefits such as easy choices, flexible schedules, and being your own boss. There are various tips to help you manage freelance jobs as you study.

Types of freelance works

As a college student, you might have different types of hands-on skills which you can turn into a money-making venture. You can incorporate your passion and offer specific services to students, such as homework writing services.

Some of the services you can provide as a freelancer include;

  • Content Writer
  • Academic writer
  • Tutoring
  • Data entry jobs
  • Translation and transcription
  • Graphic and web design
  • Sales and marketing
  • Cleaning services
  • Catering
  • Events planner
  • Photography and videography

Since freelancing allows you to offer your services as an independent worker, you can plan yourself to fit into your school schedule. It would help you to manage freelance jobs well, to avoid compromising your study time.

Rookie Mistakes Freelancers Make

Before getting to know how to deliver your work on time effectively, it is essential to learn about the mistakes freelance writers make in the early stages of their careers. If you do not want to enslave your schedule, you need to acknowledge the mistakes outlined below;


  1. Lack of planning

The common mistake among freelancers is diving into work without a plan. Always have a solid program to avoid devastating results. When you start your freelancing journey, you may forget to plan and start working with eagerness, only to fail miserably.

  1. Not Scheduling your days

As your own boss, you will realize you have a lot of responsibilities. If you focus on one thing, you may miss out on other things equally important. So, scheduling your day’s work will help you manage freelance jobs well.

  1. Not Having your Priorities Straight

Even as a freelancer, you still maintain professionalism. Getting your priorities right will ensure that you work effectively and sharpen your decision-making skills. Right priorities will help you finish your work within a given deadline.

Tips to Freelance While Studying

When you gather more experience, you will manage to figure out working according to your schedule. While freelancing may save your finances, ensure that you maintain a healthy balance between studying and work. Below tips will help you manage freelance jobs with academics;

  1. Understand your Job Well

Before you can make a schedule for your job, you ought to understand the work dynamics you are supposed to carry out. For instance, a dissertation writing service will require much of your time due to the long pieces of writing. You will therefore require to sharpen your skills depending on your work type to improve your performance.

  1. Schedule Your Time

Another way to manage freelance jobs is by setting aside precise hours to work while considering your lecture hours. Time management is crucial for freelancers since every second counts. Ensure that you attend your classes on time and get a tracker that will assist you in planning your working hours.

  1. Avoid Multitasking

Never combine work with assignments. It will be better to complete one task before getting to do the next. You may need to prioritize your schoolwork before the freelancing jobs. It will boost our concentration and enhance your academic performance.

  1. Learn Interpersonal Skills

Perfecting your communication skills improves how you handle your clients. Some clients might be so demanding while others provide vague instructions.

Before tackling any job, you must have clear communication on deadlines, expectations and payments. Always assign yourself adequate time to complete the job without too much pressure from the client.

  1. Know When to Say No

Learning to say no will help you manage freelance jobs easily. While it might feel like you need to make money, there are moments you need to turn down a job. Regardless of how small the project could be, you will need to spend time and resources on it.

Being a freelancer does not mean you have to take up every project that comes your way. You should evaluate the available time at hand. In addition, check whether it is worth investing your time in it considering what you get in return.

  1. Take Breaks

Trying to balance work and academics can be pretty stressful as you end up sacrificing your rest time. Your body requires sufficient amount of time to recharge otherwise you might break down if you do not have enough sleep. Take trivial breaks to refresh your mind.

Wrapping Up

Although freelancing seems to be an exciting endeavor, academics should always be your priority as a student. The above tips will help you to manage freelance jobs while studying. You needufficient time to attend classes while undertaking new projects.






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