Top Six Facts About Dirty Carpets

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Carpets are more likely to come under a lot of wear and tear, regardless of the place where you have kept them. These threats can increase if you have pets and kids around. There are numerous situations, including liquid spills and other stains due to unexpected incidents.

Moreover, these situations can get worse and eventually make you replace your old carpets if you don’t get them cleaned professionally. The professional experts suggest regular vacuuming in addition to timely carpet cleaning services. However, the main responsibility is to choose the most efficient professionals from the multiple options you will get on searching for carpet cleaning services in Cannington.

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Here Are Some Things About Dirty Carpets You Must Be Unaware Of:

  • Bad News For Asthma And Rhinitis Sufferers:

With open doors and windows, your carpets can quickly become infested with dust mites and will eventually bring multiple health risks. The droppings of these dust mites can attack asthma and even eczema sufferers. With getting your loved ones’ symptoms intensifying, you must continuously be searching for the reasons and discussing them with your doctor. However, the reason might be under your feet. The dirt accumulated on your valuable carpets can be a cause of problematic situations for all those who have environmental allergies. These carpets with lots of bacteria accumulation can cause health issues to healthy persons from your family too.

  •  Carpets Or Rugs Can Get Heavy Due To Dirt Accumulation:

Did you know how much dirt your carpets can hold? Well, let us tell you one interesting fact about your carpets, they can hold dirt up to four times their weight. This is because carpets are always open for dirt, pet hair, dead skin cells, pet urine, and even volatile organic compounds.

Furthermore, many other allergens can cling to your carpet’s fibers quickly and give rise to health threats. So, it is necessary to vacuum your carpets regularly. Additionally, it would be best if you got your carpets cleaned professionally once or twice a year.

  • Carpets Can Contain More Bugs Than Your Toilet:

Carpeting is a fantastic flooring option at home or office premises. However, the main issue is that these carpets encounter high traffic and can get dirty within a couple of days, especially when you have pets or kids around.

Talking specifically, your carpets are typically a germ hotspot, and they can be around 4000 times more infectious than your toilet seat. In addition, it could contain multiple organisms living in your carpets. So, it would help if you search for Carpet Cleaning in Cannington on the internet and find a top-ranked company to discuss your carpets’ condition.

  •  Sandy Soil Is Tearing Your Expensive Carpets:

Have you ever got down close to your carpet? Did you see a sandpit of soil? Well, this is a serious issue and needs professional handling. You can’t clean this mess out with your home’s regular vacuum cleaners. You need to take the right action and professional cleaning service at the right time because this dirt might be grinding your expensive carpet and upholstery away. And this damage may get multiplied every time you sit or walk on the carpet. 

  • Multiple Germs And Infections:

Your carpets not only add an aesthetic value to your place and provide the much-needed softness and warmth on bare feet. However, these carpets also act as filters by trapping all the dirt and hazardous air pollutants like bacteria, tars, residues, and cigarette smoke. Sounds terrible, isn’t it? However, what can be worse than this? The situation will worsen when the carpets are full. And it can no longer hold this pollen and pollutants within it. 

Moreover, there are situations when you spill food items mistakenly on your carpets, and most of you will pick them and eat them. Now, just hold for a while and think properly. What did you put in your stomach? Dirty pollutants and Bacteria? So, it would be best if you search for best carpet cleaning in Cannington on Google. And find the expert professional carpet cleaning team nearby.

  • Open Invitation For Greasy Residue:

This is one of the worst things you will realize today. Most of the oily residue from your entire house and neighborhood is carried inside your home. This residue is dried up onto your expensive carpets through your family members and pets. Do you know what this oily residue will result in? It will attract the dirt and will further lock up the accumulated dirt afterward. Moreover, it will make your carpet’s color fade, and you may observe discoloration. Furthermore, if you leave them as-is, they will lead to permanent stains. These permanent stains will then force you to replace them. So, it’s better to take it seriously and spare some time to find the best carpet cleaning company.

What Abilities Should You Look For While Selecting The Professional Carpet Cleaning Expert?

  • First, you must check if the company is genuine and licensed. 
  • You can then check the methods they will use to clean your carpets. 
  • You can check the professionals’ previous clients’ feedback to ensure the high-quality cleaning of your carpets.
  • Check the background of the company and learn about how long the company has been in the market.
  • You can ask about their workers’ pieces of training and efficiency before handing over your expensive carpets.

Moreover, you can also ask for a pre-treatment inspection from your shortlisted companies.

Final Words

Let’s face it, we all wash our clothes after wearing them once or hardly twice. Is it because they look dirty? Or they have dirt accumulation? Most of you might be overlooking the number of bacteria your carpet is containing.

If you want to maintain a healthy living and good air quality indoors, do regular vacuuming and treat the stains instantly. Additionally, you will have to search for best carpet cleaning in Cannington online to choose the most suitable company for getting a professional cleaning service session.


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