Top Online Kinder E-Learning Platforms for Your Children to Learn Faster

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Lockdown in many parts of the world left no option for schools but to close down. Students of every age had to suffer. Although, in rough times like these, we must look for a sign of hope. Thanks to technological advancements, it has become straightforward to access resources to complete your education as same as in school. Online classes for kids are proving to be a significant change in lifestyle during quarantine.

These advancements in higher education are pretty evident. However, similar advances in kinder education were unforeseen. Kinder learning content provides visual aids with colourful cartoon characters. It helps children to maintain their interest and makes learning fun.

Why Is There a Need for Online Learning for Children?

Nobody ever expected the pandemic to be this long. Well, there is always something good, even in times of evil. The online learning concept is undoubtedly one of those. More and more kids are inclining towards this style of learning. That’s because it tailors online learning to every child individually in significant ways.

  • Self-paced Learning: 

Every child has his/her own pace of learning. Young children in kinder can slow down while learning something new. They might need extra time for practice also.

  • Self-selected Learning: 

A new generation of Kinder learning content allows children to skip specific topics they already know. Also, they can custom modify the issues according to their convenience.

  • Assisting Online Tools: 

Regular assessment of every student is a difficult task for teachers. Specific online tools help teachers properly monitor every student individually and provide progressive feedback.

  • Encourage Engagement: 

Children can explore a topic as much as they need. Specific online platforms offer creative learning opportunities. Now children can learn through their favourite cartoon characters. It engages them well in learning, making it more fun.

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Some of the Best Online Kinder E-Learning Platforms in India

There are multiple platforms for young kids in India, keeping their exclusive needs insight.

  • Byju’s- 

It is the leading and most prominent online educator in India. Byju’s offers animated videos regarding the content which keeps kids engaged in learning. Also, it provides innovative ways to bag the attention of children in subjects like Mathematics and Science. This platform is worth a try.

  • Vedantu-

 Vedantu allows its student to choose their tutor. Vedantu offers both paid and free subscriptions to its users. It also uses Whiteboard Audio-Video Environment technology which makes virtual learning a reality.

  • Meritnation:

It is one of those few platforms that offer free live classes to young kids despite the lockdown. Meritnation provides an interactive and actual classroom experience. It also verses extra multimedia content especially designed for children, for better kinder learning content.

  • Kindergarten Kids Learning – 

The app offers education-related games for toddlers and preschoolers. These games are designed to assist kids in learning numbers, alphabets, colours, shapes, etc., through audio-visuals, interactive charts, and rhymes.


Online education is a stellar example that even some good can happen in such dire situations. Opportunities can still knock on your door if you believe in them too. 

Online learning has the potential of changing education forever. Even children from distant places have an opportunity to gain knowledge with just a click of the button. 

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