Top Car Detailing Secrets Revealed

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There always remains a question among car owners that how professionals in those service centres make the cars go all shiny. Many people love to do their car detailing by themselves. However, not everyone is able to allow the car to shine all the time. They try harder and harder without looking at what is going to work well for their car. Detailing your car is not as simple as cleaning it with soapy water only. There are many things beyond that. In this article, I will tell you some car detailing secrets that will get you the best results in a short time. So, let’s begin!


Top Car Detailing Secrets Decoded

1. Dry The Exterior And The Interior Glass

Most of the car owners are in a habit of drying just the exterior glass. They almost forget the interior one. To get the best results, dry the interior glass from one side and the exterior one from the second side. By doing the drying process in that way, you will understand where the streak is actually arising. You can now easily deal with all the blemishes and streaks quickly. 


2. Clean The Window’s Top

If you want to clear out all the undesirable smears, wipe the uppermost portion of your glass. You may get dripping and streaking from the excess product that will get on your window jamb. Within a range of one or two inches, if you turn the windows, you will get the professional cleaning for your car. All the debris and dust lying there will be removed at all. 


3. Use Shampoo Each Fortnight

So that your paintwork does not lose its quality, you should wash it each fortnight. Rust will not arise and you will be able to eliminate undesired abrasion. You may use waxing after doing so. People may now think that performing so every fortnight will reduce the paintwork’s coating. However, surprisingly, it does not happen. In case you have used the wrong liquid, abrasion may quickly arise.


4. Make Use of Towel

Several car owners do a thing that they let the car dry just after getting it washed. This gives rise to the watermarks on all the parts of the car. If you want to get the best drying effect, use towels having microfibres. Begin from the car’s top and get your hands to the other parts. It is guaranteed that your paintwork will never lose quality. Towels with microfibre are the best when it comes to drying. 


5. Don’t Use Wax To Remove Swirls

Swirls can arise on your car’s exterior as fine scratches. They are the worst enemies of your car’s paint. If you are using a sponge or some clothing, you may get some dirtiness over your car. Many people try to get the wax covering on their cars. This in turn makes things worse for them. A high-quality polishing is something that is required to remove all the swirls from your car. 


6. Clean The Sponge Every Day

People are not in a habit of cleaning sponges every day. Sponges are some of the dirtiest things you may have in your house. These have the ability to absorb anything with water. So, it does not make any sense that you have to wash it every day. However, when you use it on your car, chances are that you will make your car dirty again and again. Therefore, clean the sponge before using it for the next time. 


7. Use Power Buffer While Applying Wax

To generate the best outcomes, it is better to utilize the power buffs together with waxing. Some people make a serious mistake. They try to remove the wax before rubbing it with the power buffer. This gives rise to the swirls and you get an undesirable finishing for your car. You must incorporate the buffer with wax in order to get the best outcomes.


8. Use The Plastic Bag

It is crucial to first check that all the dirt and marks have been removed from your car. You should focus on this before doing waxing over your car paintwork. Take a common plastic bag, get your hand in it and run it over your car. Doing this will make you experience any dirt and other marks over your car. You will also not get any fingerprints on your car. 



You have now seen the car detailing secrets that can help you get the best results. These all are some smart approaches and you do these tasks on the daily basis. You will not hurt the car interior modification if you do well with the exterior. Damages in the exterior can sometimes hurt the interior. For example, if you do not dry the car surface, you will receive moisture in the interior. By following the above tips, you will get the best detailing for your car. 


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