Top Alloy Wheel Brands on the Market 

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In the automobile industry, alloy wheels are manufactured with the help of an alloy of magnesium or aluminium. The alloys are a combination of different metals and qualities such as malleability, hardness and rigidity. Nowadays, alloy wheels are used by millions of customers to make their vehicles look better and provide improved performance at the same time. Alloys cost more than normal steel wheels but provided superior road performance. 

Why Get Alloy Wheels?

  • Design: The aesthetic of alloys ameliorates your vehicle looks significantly and make it look luxurious. 
  • Weight: Alloys are lighter in weight when compared to normal steel wheels. The special manufacturing process enables them to be lighter, which helps in weight reduction, improving fuel economy as well as braking and acceleration.
  • Performance: The lightweight build of alloy wheels transmits less weight on the coil spring present in your vehicle and provides improved grip and traction while driving. Moreover, alloys improve steering along with cornering abilities in comparison to steel wheels. 
  • Rust Proof: Alloys are corrosion-proof which is pertinent for car owners living in coastal areas, where the amount of salt in the air leads to premature surface corrosion.

Top Alloy Wheels Brands

AEZ Alloy Wheels: With over 20-years of experience, AEZ has been offering alloy wheels with innovative designs and exceptional product quality to thousands of customers across the EU. AEZ extensive assortment of alloys with classic wheel design along with specific wheels for car manufacturing brands including Audi, Mercedes or BMW. From sedans to SUVs, AEZ offers the finest set of wheels for all types of cars and makes. 

Popular AEZ Alloy Wheels Include- 

  • AEZ Antigua Dark
  • AEZ Tioga graphite
  • AEZ Tioga titan
  • AEZ Raise HG

MOMO Alloy Wheels

Founded in 1964, Momo was created by Gianpiero Moretti. ever since then, MOMO has been continuing the ever-lasting legacy of the iconic ’80s and 90’s looks. Manufactured after years of reach and development, MOMO alloy wheels are extremely stylized making your vehicle look luxurious and the lightweight ability allows these wheels to help in decreased fuel consumption. 

Popular MOMO Alloy Wheels Include

  • MOMO Hyperstar
  • MOMO Next Evo
  • MOMO Hyperstar
  • MOMO RPM Evo
  • MOMO Quantum Evo
  • MOMO Avenger

Calibre Alloy Wheels

Explore the entire collection of Calibre alloy wheels and select the one which best suits your car’s appearance. These premium-quality alloys are manufactured with the highest standards and are ranked amongst the finest alloy wheels in the tyre industry. Calibre alloy wheels are the perfect set of tools for your vehicle to make it look exceptional and provide improved performance at the same time. 

Popular Calibre Alloy Wheels Include

  • Calibre Motion
  • Calibre Pace
  • Calibre Motion

DOTZ Alloy Wheels

Thousands of people trust DOTZ to get stylish and sleek looking alloys for their vehicles. Manufactured with high-quality materials, DOTZ alloys wheels are available for all types of vehicles and make. Not only do they help your vehicle look good, but their premium build ensures increased life span and improved overall performance of your vehicle. 

Popular DOTZ Alloy Wheels Include

  • DOTZ Alloy Wheels
  • DOTZ Shift
  • DOTZ Kendo Dark
  • DOTZ Kendo
  • DOTZ Limerock Dark

AVUS Alloy 

Distributed in countries including Italy as well as internationally, Avus produces elegant and captivating alloy wheels that are well-known for their sporty, elegant, and modern look. 

Popular AVUS Alloy Wheels Include

  • AVUS AF9- Hyper Silver
  • AVUS AF8- Matt Black

If you need some additional information regarding alloy wheels or are still unclear about different brands, then contact an experienced/certified professional, who can suggest the right solution according to your requirements. 



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