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We are sure as, now that it has been more than one year, most of you know everything Netflix has in store for you. But don’t worry we have got your back. We have brought in a plethora of shows with distinctive genres and the new seasons for your already beloved shows. This July we got you Never Have I Ever Season 2, and finally, the release of Lucifer Season 6 – the last season of the franchise is coming to your screens very soon!


Who said Netflix is a bad influence?

If it weren’t for Netflix, most of us would not have been able to survive through the global pandemic. A time where mental health was affected and curbed more than physical health. A time where you would feel alone even after having your whole family wandering all around. So, let us suggest your top 5 Netflix shows for those who somehow missed them and for those who would love a binge rewatching!

  • Lucifer

The much-talked-about series might seem to be scary at first but it is not. It brings in a unique blend of the immortal and mortal world. Lucifer, being the lord of hell, came to LA out of boredom. He opened a cafe named Lux and somehow ended up solving mysteries using the supernatural. It is interesting to see the story develop and the relationships too. With the series starting in 2016, it is finally coming to an end this year – 2021 with the last season of the franchise. So, don’t forget to tune into Lucifer Season 6 and finally get closure!

  • Never Have I Ever

As much as you like it as a game, you’ll love the series more. With 20 episodes distributed equally within 2 seasons, we discover the interesting journey of an Indian girl Devi, trying to fit-in in Los Angeles, ‘be cool’ and cope with her father’s death.

Tune in to go through an emotional roller coaster ride where we unfold a new layer of all the characters with each passing episode.

  • Cursed

A fantasy drama, this series came out in July 2020 with a set of 10 episodes. This show will take you into a fantasy world far away from your busy lives, a nice weekend expedition at the comfort of your home. Don’t miss out on this mystical experience with kings and queens and a girl who is cursed!

  • Emily in Paris

Well, who doesn’t love – “love” especially when it’s in Paris? Also, I assure you to envy every piece of clothing or accessory Emily has. And we really want more of Emily and Gabriel together. Confused? Don’t be – tune in and you’ll fall in love with each episode.

  • Mismatched

This Indian show is definitely going to make you fall in love with college romance all over again this weekend. With technology-savvy teens competing for “cool” jobs and facing insecurities of their own, the cast does a brilliant job bringing out teenage problems and complications. Also, a shout out to the realness of Rishi!



Choosing 5 out of tens and hundreds of great content is tough but we had to pull out something from all genres to diversify your taste and experience. Keep calm for the upcoming content like:

  • Lucifer Season 6
  • Emily in Paris Season 2
  • Mismatched Season 2

And whatnot! What’s better than slipping into an imagery world away from reality and enjoying the moment. Keep watching, keep loving and keep celebrating and make this dull weekend a lot more exciting!


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Black Friday officially begins the holiday shopping season!

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