Top 4 Reasons to use SVG graphics on Your Website

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At the time of setting your website content, you would face a common problem which is selecting the format of images and other graphic content on the site. You would hear a lot of tips and suggestions from people regarding the use of PNG and JPG image formats, but you must know that in our opinion, the most effective image format for websites is SVG.

SVG has universal support and compatibility with the desktop and mobile devices, which makes it a popular image format for websites. There are many benefits of having SVG graphics on your website, and so in this post, we would list out some of the common ones.

Before we list out the reasons, we would like readers to know that you can also update your already used website’s graphics to SVG format. For instance, if you are currently using JPG images on your site, then you can easily use the online best JPG to SVG converter free to get SVG images from the uploaded JPG or JPEG images.

Four reasons to use SVG on your site instead of other formats!

Here are the common reasons that would tell you the benefits of SVG graphics:

  • SVG is independent and responsive

The biggest benefit of using SVG graphics on a website is that they have a responsive nature. The SVG graphics can be scaled easily like all other elements in the web design. The vector nature of this image format allows the image resolution to be independent. This is not the case with other image formats like PNG or JPG. And this is why we would suggest you use a JPG to SVG converter tool to change your JPG or JPEG images into crispy and high-quality SVG vector images. SVG graphics can put up a good display, and this is why they are recommended today.

  • SVG graphics can be animated

SVG graphics should also be used on websites because they can provide an interactive experience to users. The elements in this format can easily be animated, which is not the feature that you would find in any other image format, including the commonly used “JPG”. So if you want to add a nice touch and an extra attraction to your website’s graphics, then you must use SVG instead of JPG. If you are already using JPG images, then you can use the online JPG to SVG converter to get quality conversions from JPG to SVG free.

You can easily animate and edit SVG graphics and images in CSS!

  • SVG graphics are smaller in size

Another important reason why SVG is said to be good for websites is that they are lower in size. Websites that use PNG or other heaving graphic formats take a lot of time to load, which is bad for SEO and user experience. The general conception is that using JPG graphics and images would help a site reduce its loading time, but you must know it would also reduce the quality and display of the site. If you have already made this mistake and are using JPG for lowering size, then don’t worry. You can still turn JPG into SVG by using an online JPG to SVG converter! SVG images and graphics are lower in size and higher in quality, so it is better to change JPEG to SVG.

  • SVG graphics are helpful in SEO

One of the popular reasons why webmasters and graphic designers prefer using SVG on their sites instead of JPG or other common formats is because it can quickly get indexed. For optimizing your website for the search engine, you have to provide ease in crawling content. As SVG is a code-based image format, it can easily be understood by Google. This is why you would see that the top-ranked websites on the search engine would mostly have SVG graphics. There is a misconception that JPG images are good for SEO, so if you have prepared JPG for your website, then we would suggest you use the online JPEG to SVG converter to convert JPG files to SVGs online without any hassle and even preserving the quality of the image.


In this short article, we have learned the top four reasons why SVG graphics are preferred over other common image formats. So now, you should always ensure that you add/use SVG instead of using JPEG/PNG/PDF/TIFF or any other commonly used format.

Also, know that today getting SVG graphics has become very easy as you just need to get an online converter to turn your images into SVG. One of the popular options is the online JPG to SVG converter!


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