Top 10 Things To Do Before Starting The IB Journey

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Are you starting with the IB curriculum next year? You must be worried about all the changes you might be having. It’s normal to feel such emotions. With so many rumors and misconceptions, it can be challenging to start preparing for the IB.

To help you have a comfortable journey in renowned IB schools like Global Indian school, Singapore, make sure you do these 10 things before starting the IB.

  1. Examine your subjects

The first and foremost thing to do before studying for your syllabus is to examine your subjects. Supposedly you have selected your subjects; what should be your next step? It’s simple, sort your subjects in order based on their difficulty.

Find which subject will be easier for you, which subjects will need your utmost attention. Having an idea of what subjects need your attention will help you in the future.

 2. Research about your new subjects

If you have new subjects in your IB curriculum, make sure you have an overview of them. Research the topics you will be studying. If you are entirely new to any subject, try studying it from readily available resources. If you have-

  •   Psychology- Read articles and blogs.
  •   Economics- Read newspapers.
  •   Global politics – Read newspapers and news on google.
  •   Philosophy – Listen to podcasts.

3. Improve your English

If English is not your first language, try to improve it by using small techniques. You can ask your friends to talk to you in English. Also it is easier to listen to English podcasts, read books, and watch English movies to understand the nuances of the language.

4. Master your skills in another language too

Don’t forget to work on the other languages that you study. You can learn them with the help of tuition and summer camps.

5. Focus on extracurricular activities

International schools singapore, encourages people to focus on extracurricular activities too. This will help you with your CAS projects, and you will learn something apart from your syllabus.

6. Work on your weaknesses

It is a great time to start working towards your weaknesses. Start building new habits that will help you in your studies. If you procrastinate, you can use strategies to help you come back on track.

7. Organize

Having a clean desk and room will help you have a positive environment. Most of your motivation comes from external sources. Try to maintain a motivating environment.

8. Ignore the negativity

Focusing on rumors and misconceptions can be demotivating. It is better that you ignore them.

9. Get help

Suppose you want advice or gain more knowledge about your curriculum. It would be best if you talked to your seniors. You can also take the help of your teachers. To have a sound track of your studies, you can take tuitions and online classes.

10. Be inquisitive about the world around you

It would be best if you didn’t force yourself for anything. Just be happy and excited to have a great time in your life. You’ll learn new things in the IB curriculum, and it will help you in your life ahead.

Parting thoughts

Since you know the things, you should do before you start with the IB. It would be best if you do not waste your time. Be motivated to learn more every day. Make sure that you are confident and excited about this journey.


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