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Selling your old car and getting a new one with modern technology and innovative features is a good step. Before you jump on the procedure of selling your car, make sure you are following all the guidelines before dealing. Cars come with a lot of stuff, so you have to be careful before selling it.

There are some tips for individuals who are thinking of selling their old car. All these tips will help you regarding the steps you have to follow for selling your vehicle.

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In this blog, you will read about the process you will go through before selling your car:


In modern times, every little product or object has a record or a document. All these documents and records are made for not only one but many reasons, and all of them are very important. Since the records are essential, documentation is also essential. A car is a big object, and you can’t purchase it or sell it out without having proper documentation. That is why always remember to keep all the documents related to your vehicle. This can save you time from the inconvenience whenever you will start the process of selling your car.

Below is the list of the few important car documents that you need before selling your car:

  • Insurance Policy
  • Registration Certificate (RC)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Pollution Control Certificates.

Also, after selling your car, make sure you transfer the ownership to the new owner at the earliest.

Estimation of the car:

It is very important before you jump right into the marketplace with your car. As a new buyer, if you don’t have any experience in knowing what is the value of the car, then this will be a good thing to learn. All you have to do is to contact the different buyers and sellers related to your car. You don’t always have to meet and interact with the person. You have the internet, and there are many listings of the car on the web. You’re just one Google search away, and you can get many results related to the worth or the estimates of your vehicle.

There are some factors that can help you in estimating the value of your car:

  • Model of the vehicle
  • Fuel type
  • Kilometers are driven on ODOmeter.
  • History
  • Transmission (Manual or Automatic)

Sometimes, non-technical elements play an essential role in the value, such as the color, interior, and other things.

Servicing and Maintaining:

Do you know what helps you in keeping your car as per its worth? It’s regular servicing and maintenance. When you will get in touch with the buyer, they will ask you about everything related to your car. The reason behind this is that they are paying their hard-earned money and want to get the best from that thing they can get.

Always keep in mind that all the buyers have inspected and assessed the market. Your vehicle can have a lot of competition, that’s why it’s important to keep your car in immaculate condition.

Sometimes, small defects can send away an interested buyer.

These important things can assist you to keep your car well-maintained and serviced:

  • Checking the lubricants and oils
  • Checking the air pressure in tires and tires.
  • Keeping the alignment right.

Working on the exterior of the car:

It is true that if a car has a good-looking exterior, it looks really great. The buyers always look out for a vehicle with an excellent exterior that is super clean and neat. The potential buyer will proceed with the deal when that person will see that the car is clean enough from the outside. The car’s whole engine block can be in good condition, but if the exterior is not okay, the buyer won’t proceed further with the deal.

The point is that you have to keep the outer shell of the car clean and excellent. The car has to be detailed, polished, and dent-free. This is the only way an interested buyer will move to the next step for the car.


To conclude this, keep these tips in your mind whenever you’re selling your car. Keep your car up-to-date and serviced. For prices, you can always search the web for that. If you want to sell your vehicle, get in touch with us. We at Acres Cash For Cars accept all kinds of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and RV. We are providing free towing services as well.


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