Tips to Make CBD Oil Tincture At Home

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The terms ‘CBD oil tinctures’ and ‘CBD oils’ are often used interchangeably. That’s probably because both products come from cannabidiol, the primary therapeutic compound in cannabis. However, there are fundamental differences between CBD oils and CBD oil tinctures. Most notably, cannabidiol oils contain CBD and a carrier oil, while cannabidiol tinctures are made of CBD and suitable alcohol. 

But just like CBD oils, CBD tinctures come with the healing benefits of cannabidiol. These products also comprise various other beneficial compounds, including terpenes and flavonoids. Plus, cannabidiol tinctures are incredibly easy to make. In this post, we outline a step-by-step guide on how to make CBD oil tinctures at home. But first things first.

Why Should You Make CBD Oil Tinctures At Home

As we’ve just indicated, CBD tinctures contain the healing benefits of cannabidiol. Multiple studies have cited CBD for its ability to mediate various ailments. 

Pain is the primary medical condition that you can manage using cannabidiol tinctures. CBD mediates pain through its positive interactions with receptors involved in the body’s pain-signaling processes. 

Cannabidiol tinctures have also shown a remarkable promise in relieving stress and anxiety. CBD fights anxiety by improving the body’s secretion of neurotransmitters associated with the ‘feel-good’ effect, such as serotonin. 

People battling insomnia may also benefit immensely by switching from regular sleep pills to CBD-infused supplements. CBD combats sleeplessness by shortening sleep latency while increasing sleep duration. The compound may also aid sleep by treating various conditions that normally occur side by side with insomnia. Examples include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD). And the best part is that you can use CBD tincture to help you sleep without worrying about getting intoxicated in the process. That’s because, unlike its cousin – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC –, CBD doesn’t induce euphoria. 

Other medical conditions you can manage using cannabidiol tinctures include;

  • Neurological disorders like epileptic seizures
  • Digestive issues like constipation
  • Inflammatory conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Metabolic disorders like diabetes
  • Psychiatric issues like schizophrenia

Besides its numerous medicinal properties, CBD tinctures are also noted for their faster onset time and higher absorption rate. That’s because these products are administered sublingually (underneath the tongue). Therefore, they enter the body directly through the salivary glands and exert their therapeutic effects straightway. 

Last but not least, making cannabidiol oil tinctures at home allows you to determine your own CBD potency. You also get to choose your desired flavorings. 

And needless to say, homemade CBD tinctures are more affordable than their store-ready counterparts.

How to Prepare CBD Oil Tinctures At Home

1. Decarboxylate cannabis buds

If you’re making cannabidiol tinctures at home, the chances are that you’re using fresh cannabis buds. Note that phytocannabinoids occur naturally as complex acids. CBD, in particular, exists as cannabidiolic acid (CBDA). You’ll need to convert the acid into its more potent form of CBD. And that’s where decarboxylation comes in. Decarboxylation is a chemical process involving heating or drying fresh plant extracts to activate the bioactive compounds. In CBD, decarboxylation causes cannabidiolic acid to eliminate the ‘A’ molecule by losing some of its carbon dioxides. 

The ideal decarboxylation temperature for CBD is around 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Alternatively, just heat the buds over a stove or oven until they turn golden-brown. Avoid overheating the buds as that could denature the terpenes in them, thereby robbing your CBD tincture of the distinctive cannabis taste.

2. Ground the plant material

After decarboxylating your cannabis buds, allow them to cool for a few minutes before grounding them into a fine powder. The finer the powder, the more potent the tinctures are likely to be.

3. Infuse the powdered plant material

Once you’ve grounded your powder, proceed as follows:

  1. Place the powder in a glass jar and fill the jar to about two-thirds.
  2. Fill the rest of the jar with a suitable alcohol solution.

Experts recommend pure grain, high-proof alcohol like Everclear. That’s because these alcohols guarantee more potent tinctures. Alternatively, you can use processed alcohols like brandy or vodka. 

  1. Allow the mixture to infuse for 1 – 3 weeks.
  2. When ready, strain the plant material out of the mixture.

Dosing CBD Tinctures

The best way to consume CBD tinctures is to drip a few drops underneath your tongue, hold for a few seconds, and then swallow. This delivery method gets cannabidiol straight to your bloodstream. But perhaps the most important thing to emphasize here is moderation. If you’re new to CBD tinctures or cannabidiol in general, begin low and build momentum gradually. 

Before upping your doses, you can start with 5 milliliters of CBD and observe how your body interacts with the compound. Note that while CBD won’t get you high, overdosing on the compound could leave you nursing a range of adverse effects.

Storing CBD Tinctures

CBD’s shelf life depends on the compound’s exposure to certain environmental agents, such as sunlight, temperature, air, and humidity. Therefore, the best way to store CBD tincture is to add it to a dark bottle and then place it in a cool and dry place. Also, keep the tinctures out of reach of your children and pets. 

Final Words

Cannabidiol tinctures offer numerous health benefits. These compounds also boast higher bioavailability compared to various other CBD delivery methods. What’s more, CBD tinctures are incredibly easy to prepare at home. Just be sure to store the tinctures properly and moderate your intake to avoid experiencing any side effects.


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