Tips to find the best commercial cleaning company

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Cleaning is an essential part of our lives. We all like to have our living and workplaces as clean as possible. This is a normal human instinct. When you go somewhere and look around, you ultimately feel good about the place if it is clean and tidy. On the other hand, if the place is dusty and seems unclean, it doesn’t give a good impression.

When you are looking for a professional cleaning company for your office, home, or workplace cleaning, you need to choose the best company. The company can provide high-quality cleaning services and has a good market reputation.

Types of commercial cleaning:

Commercial cleaning companies offer all kinds of cleaning services. These services include;

  • Restaurant and hotel cleaning services
  • Office and open workspace cleaning services
  • Large scale industrial cleaning services
  • Commercial, residential cleaning services
  • Restaurant kitchen and hood cleaning services

Here are some tips to help you find the best commercial cleaning company:


If you are looking to hire a cleaning company that offers the best services and most customer-friendly deals, you should see if the company has a good market reputation.

This will help you find a trustworthy cleaning company so you will be able to make long-term contracts with them for your business.

When you hire a trustworthy company, you will not have to be present at the location to supervise all the time when they are working. This also eliminates the risk of spam.

Chose a company that is best suited for you:

When you need to hire a commercial cleaning company, you do not need to rush into the process or skip the initial investigation process.

Before choosing a company, make sure it is best suited for you. To make sure that a company is best for you, hold meeting sessions with them to discuss all the details. You can ask if you have any specific queries or demands. You can also ask them to disclose their policies. Be sure to be clear and let the other party also be clear. Ask them about their cleaning crew. If the staff is trained and experienced or not.

Compare the rates, policies, and perks of all the shortlisted companies, and then make your decision.

Green cleaning products:

When you negotiate with a cleaning company, ask them if they use green cleaning products. Green cleaning is eco-friendly cleaning. It does not have any harmful toxins that can damage your furniture, floors, and other surfaces. Other ordinary cleaning supplies sometimes contain harsh chemicals that can damage your property and is also harmful to the environment.


Insurance and bonding:

When you contact a commercial cleaning company, make sure that the company is insured and bonded.

Ask them about their insurance policies and read the terms and policies very carefully. Better be careful than to be sorry.

Good reputable cleaning companies always have full insurance and updated insurance status. Ask about their general liability criteria. Good companies offer employee compensation, which helps the customers.

Employee training and screening:

Good cleaning companies hire their workers, staff, and employee with critical responsibility. They offer a good package to the employees as well. This is the main thing that builds a company, and being a customer, you should also make sure that the company is authentic and treats its employees right.  Your ethical and social responsibility not to buy from a company that does not treat people right.

Employee screening:

Make sure that the company is hiring the right people if the company has a trustable employee screening process.

Is the company following state and federal laws during its employee selection process?  Are the employees eligible, and is the selection based on merit or references?

Employee training:

Ask the company about their employee training programs if the company is offering mandatory employee training programs. It is the company’s responsibility to train their employees so they can perform their job as expected and do what is required of them.

Ask for references:

Before making a list of commercial cleaning companies that you will contact, ask your friends, family, and colleagues for references, it is good to read online reviews but always remember to take them with a grain of salt.

Ask your co-workers and owners of other businesses like yours. Conduct thorough market research and then shortlist the companies.

Ask about the sanitization process:

Considering the current situation of the COVID 19 virus, people are now more cautious about sanitization than ever. And this is a modification that good cleaning companies should make in their cleaning plans.

Ask the company if they have a proper sanitization plan during the process of cleaning, and also ask them if they use proper sanitization products. It would be best if they use the disinfectants recommended by the local and federal authorities for covid 19.

Do they understand your business?

It is very important that the company that you hire understands your business and knows how to clean it. The corporate offices and commercial apartments and different cleaning requirements, and it is very important that the cleaning company knows the best approach to clean your property.


Ask about their work hours and share your working hours with them.  Tell them if you want the services off-hours or during the working hours. If you own an office, it is best to choose off-hours for cleaning services, it greatly increases the productivity of the employees when they get a clean workspace, and the cleaning staff does not disturb the employees while they are working.

Ask for a free consultation and price quote:

When you have picked one company that you want to work with, ask them for a free consultation, ask them to pay a visit to your property and quote their price.

A free consultation means they will tell you what kind of cleaning your property needs and what could be the right cleaning plan considering your place.


All these tips will help you select the best cleaning company in your area for your business needs.


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