Tips to Effectively Store Tyres

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Various chemicals, including solvents, oil and petrol, can have an adverse effect on rubber. Hence, you must wash your tyres thoroughly before storing them. You can mix shampoo and lukewarm water to wash the tyres. The tyres must be cleaned using a brush or a sponge. You must give your tyres a thorough rinse after washing them to remove the foam.

After washing, any damage to your tyre becomes clearer. Thus, this is the best time to check for any traces of issue in the tyre. You can take advantage of this time and get any stuck stones removed from the tyre’s tread blocks. You can also inspect for any saw-tooth damage in the tyre.

If you are about to store the complete wheel, you must use a fine brush for cleaning every corner of the wheel rim carefully. After you wash the Falken Tyres Loughborough and make it clean, they must be conserved using specific cosmetics product. This way, you can protect your tyres from harmful exterior factors and increase the durability of tyres. You must let the tyres get dried off before moving on to the next step.

Tyres (Without and with Rims) Storage

You can store both whole wheels, i.e. tyres with rims and tyres without rims. But, you must be aware that both of them need different conditions to be stored.

You must store tyres devoid of rims vertically, i.e. standing straight on their tread. You must change their positions from time to time at least once a month. Placing the tyres on a stand is another better option to stay at a height from the ground. You must not hang the tyres on hooks as this may deform the tyres and make them useless as a consequence.

You must store the whole wheels in a pile, i.e. one on the other. To prevent the rubbing of the tyre against the floor that might not be clean or smooth, you need to place a fire board and cardboard on the floor on which the tyre must be placed.

Tyres With Rims

You must follow specific rules if you are going to store your tyres or wheels in the storage area. In short:

  • Alternatively, the wheels can also be stacked horizontally, but you must switch the order once every month to prevent the deformation happening at the tyre’s bottom.
  • It would help if you hung the tyre rim on the hooks.
  • You shouldn’t store your wheels vertically.

Tyres Devoid of Rims

Alternatively, tyres can also be stored without rims. This facilitates a much easy fitting of tyres. These guidelines must be followed to store tyres devoid of rims:

  • You must rotate the tyres at least once a month by a significant degree reasonably.
  • You must not hang them on the hooks.
  • You should store these tyres horizontally rather than vertically.

Wrong Tyre Storage Consequences

The age of tyres goes on increasing whether you use them or not. Therefore, some essential properties of the compounds and materials get faded away even when they are stored. This can show remarkable performance changes.

You can face various adverse consequences because of storing your Car Tyres Loughborough in the wrong fashion. They are as follows:

  • The durability of the tyres keep on reducing.
  • The tyre’s sidewalls, tread portion and beads gets damaged.
  • Before storing your tyres, you must check their age as old tyres might have started having degraded properties already.
  • The tyre gets useless when the damage in it increases due to improper storage.


The most crucial elements of a vehicle are tyres and wheels as they ensure safety of both yours and other people on the road. Thus, you must always maintain them in top condition and store them efficiently. The properties of tyres, rims and wheels are retained well if they are stored properly and taken care of.


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