8 Effective Tips to Create Appealing Logo of Brand

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In this competitive era of digital marketing, having an appealing and catchy logo is very important. The logo can be regarded as the cornerstone of the business and a brand. The idea of designing a creative logo can be daunting- but it is the only thing to attract your customers at the very first sight.

This little graphic mark and symbol asks for a lot of efforts and styling to catch the attention of the customer.


You must have seen the big-bright and artistically yellow “M” indicating McDonald’s while passing through a random food street, haven’t you? McDonald’s and its burger is the only thought after looking at that M.

This is the power of logo!

A logo is mainly a stylized graphic mark or emblem that is specifically designed to identify any company, product, or brand. The logo has its own sufficient brand recognition and people usually identify the brand via its logo.

The examples of some powerful logos include Apple, McDonald’s, Nike, Pepsi, Adidas, Starbucks, and Mercedes Benz.


The process of creating a logo design is resembled to the heavy weight lifting just one little graphic symbol. It can be surely hectic yet time-consuming. The graphic designers have to put a lot of efforts to come up with an outstanding logo. This in turn helps the businesses to build the brand identity.

Expert graphic designers from logo designing agency in Dubai also shared their opinions by stating that; the logo is a complete brand vibe and it is the first way towards effective marketing.

The audience love to identify the brands with their uniquely styled logo. Thus, it is very important to standout with a creative and efficient brand logo.

I have compiled a list of 8 effective tips that would encourage you to create more appealing brand logo for the customers and consumers. Let’s dive in.

Understand why you need a logo and keep it visually appealing:

Before designing a logo, you must understand your audience. Get deep into your services and products and understands the main niche and concept of the brand. You have to represent your brand visually because picture always speaks a thousand words. Also, the logo must be linked with the name or else it will go dull.

Use empty spaces to make your logo look neat:

While investing your time in the design, make sure to use to empty and blank spaces to make your logo look neat. An appealing logo must be unique and simple enough to capture the attention of the customers as it looks calm. Keep it as much minimal as possible.

Use shapes and designs:

Using shapes and designs while creating logos are also great way to make your logo look unique and outstanding. The gradients and textures can also be used along with the shapes to make you logo look outclass. In this way, your logo would look catchy and more appealing to the audience.

Pay attention to color and typography:

The skilled graphic designers from UAE web design supported that the color combination and typography must not be neglected while designing a logo. Colors can create so many different meaning and choosing them can be difficult but you can go with bright and unique colors to reflect your brand. Focus on the niche of your business and then choose the right font carefully.

Look for your stationery designs:

The reason of stressing upon the idea of keeping the logo simple and neat is that the logo must be complimentary enough for the stationery designs. Brochures, envelops, diaries, key chains, bottles, and letters, the logo of your brand must go an all-rounder over every stationery item of your business. This creates trustworthy name of brand among people.

Be bold with new thing:

There is no shame in trying new things for your brands. It is completely okay to try bold and different look for your logo. The way “M” of McDonald’s standout bright in a bunch of brands, you can also go with some idea and color that showcase your business. Combine the patterns, shapes, and bright colors to design a creative logo.

Pop of color:

Combine two basic colors and create visual salience with the pop of color. This trick is used by the designers to catch the attention of consumer right at the moment. For example, the logo of amazon, matt black with a bright orange makes it look fantastic and unique.

Rejig the wheel:

Look at the example of Pepsi- largest food and Beverages Company is being in the business for more than 120 years as a brand. The company has modified its logo for a couple of times and you rejig the wheel as well. Google is another example of rearranging the logo. Rather than going for a bigger change, get settled with numerous changes in the logo.


The aforementioned 8 tips will help you to create an appealing logo for your brand. Make sure to implement these tricks smartly.


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Machining With Drill Mills

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