Tips and Tricks for Organizing the Laundry Room

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Organizing the laundry room is not as easy as it sounds. You want to create a functional space that will eliminate the mess and make every part of it tidy. While a lot can depend on the size of your laundry room, there are some tips and tricks that can help you improve it to the max. Here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Create a reminder

Instead of trying to remember which temperature is appropriate for which clothes — create a reminder. Print out everything you need to wash your laundry the right way, and even include interpretation for symbols usually found on your clothes. Once you hang it on the wall, you won’t have to look for the washer manual to figure out which program to choose. 

  • Minimize the number of products

You probably don’t need all those detergents, stain removers, and softeners even though they all smell wonderful. To avoid buying too many products and save money, choose one variety and stick to it until you empty the bottle. To encourage yourself to do that use refillable dispensers. They are better for the design and organization of your laundry room than the usual packages of your cleaning products. 

  • Mount additional wall hooks

Wall hooks may be useful to keep the laundry room free of knick-knacks that would otherwise end up all over the place. If you want to make them as less inconspicuous as possible, paint them in the same color as your walls. That way they will be hardly noticeable, but always there to keep your space clutter-free and neat. 

  • Install a sink 

A farmhouse sink is perfect to remove stains from your clothes before placing them in the washer. It’s also useful to wash your hands, laundry basket, and other things you may need water for. It doesn’t have to big the largest sink in the store, but it should be big enough to soak several pieces of clothes.   

  • Install a hanging rack on the door

If your laundry room has a door then you are in luck! A door means an opportunity to install a hanging rack system on it to keep your cleaning supplies. Alternatively, you can mount a few hooks to the ironing board, laundry bags, and a broom if you work with a small space. 

  • Make your ironing board invisible

An ironing board is not only a nuisance in space but also a constant reminder of the chore you might not like too much or at all. So, keeping it out of sight until you need it is an excellent idea both for your nerves and the interior design of your laundry room.

One of the popular ways to deal with an ironing board is hiding it in the drawer. It’s not only a space-saver, but also you won’t have to waste your time on carrying to the right spot and setting it up.  

  • Install a folding station

A folding station sounds more complicated than it is. With a countertop board over your washer, you can simply create a spot to fold your laundry once it’s dry. For a more creative solution, build a waterfall counter on top of your washer and dryer so the left and right sides of the appliances are covered. This offers not only a folding station but also a spot to put your washing products or a hamper.   

  • Fill the gaps with a slim rolling cart

If your appliances don’t fill in space perfectly, give a carpenter a call and see if they can come up with a design for a slim rolling cart. It can serve to store cleaning supplies, iron, and anything else that might fit. You can fill other gaps in your laundry room this way to add more storage space and have more free space to hang the clothes to dry. 

  • Add a drip-drying hanger

Hanging some clothes, like shirts, to drip-dry can make the ironing easier and shorten its time. A hanger made from a basic rod is enough to hang your delicate clothes. Some fabrics may not even need ironing after being drip-dried. Just make sure that there is good ventilation in the laundry room for clothes to dry and not create wet spots on the wall.  

  • Go for shelves

Any type of shelves means more room for storage and less clutter in your laundry room. Install floating shelves above the washer to keep detergent, softener, and other things you need. Shelves can also serve as a temporary spot for folded and ironed laundry, as well as to hold the baskets with clothes you still have to deal with. Additionally, you can keep a few plants that love warm and humid places on the shelves in your laundry room for decoration. 

  • Use hampers to separate clothes by color

Since you’re not going to wash all the clothes together, it could be a good idea to separate them by color right away. Instead of using one hamper for all the dirty laundry, use three to separate white, colored, and black items. Not only will it bring the organizing to the next level, but you won’t have to go through the dirty laundry to find the type of clothes you need.

Moreover, if there’s room, you can separate the laundry based on materials and size, too. This is especially useful if you are not the only person putting clothes in the washer and want to make sure it’s done right.

  • Mount a drying rack on the wall

A wall-mounted drying rack gives you a room-saving way to dry your laundry. Since you can stretch it out and tuck it back, it’s an amazing way to make a small laundry room big enough. Moreover, you can mount it on the balcony or façade wall, too, so you can dry wet clothes there during the warm seasons. The only problem is that it may not be sufficient for all the washed laundry, but it’s perfect for towels or smaller items that easily get lost.  

  • Collect the lint

Lint is the byproduct of using your dryer and you have to remove it regularly so it doesn’t spread all over your home or worst — cause fire. But it doesn’t have to end up in the trashcan either. A lint bin mounted on the wall by the dryer will serve as a reminder to collect it and keep it for later. You can use it to light a fire pit or throw it over the topsoil as mulch to prevent weeds in your garden. You can also add it to compost, line garden containers, or use it to protect soil from erosion. 

  • Put dryer on the washer

If you have to organize a small space, it’s best to economize by placing your dryer on the washer. Before you do that, call a handyman for washing machine repairs and maintenance to see whether this arrangement will harm it. 

It’s also best if a professional do it so everything is adjusted to work without a problem, like jumping or leaking water. Enclose the area with some panels and doors so you conceal the machines from sight when not in use for a tidier appeal.  

  • Opt for a folding drying rack

A folding drying rack gives a lot of advantages when you have a limited amount of space. You can pack and unpack it in a minute, but most importantly it won’t get in your way. It also allows you to hang piles of laundry and place them anywhere you want, even outside. Moreover, you can dry wet towels after the shower here instead of cluttering your bathroom.  

  • Have a laundry guard in place

Did your socks or underwear ever end up behind the machine or anything else for that matter? If the answer is yes, then you know the pain of having to move the machine and trying to reach that item. A laundry guard is a simple idea that brings lots of relief, as well as keep everything in place when the machine is on the spinning cycle.   

  • Build an organizer on wheels

Why having a laundry organizer on wheels is a good idea? Well, so that you can fold your clean clothes in front of the TV in the living room or while looking after your kid. It also leaves the laundry room with more space to install something else, like an ironing station or a drying rack. If you like arts and crafts, you can DIY your laundry station with wheels and in only a few hours.

  • Create an ironing station

Some love to iron and others hate it, but what both agree on is that having a designated spot for ironing is a good idea. With a wall-mounted board and a foldable chair, you can create a modest but efficient ironing station

For a step further, install a cabinet where you will store the iron, sprayer, and anything else you need, as well as the fold-away board. The cabinet doors can serve as a hanger for the ironed clothes to cool off and wait to be put away. 

All in all

The key to organizing the laundry room is to accept the size of the space you have at your disposal. These tips and tricks are helpful ideas to make a smaller room bigger or use a big room in the best imaginable way.  


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