Thoughtful Flower Gift Ideas New Born Baby

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If anyone who is close to you just delivered or is about to deliver a newborn baby, a noble gesture to offer is buying beautiful new baby gifts. But with so many gifts going around to choose from, finding proper newborn gifts can weigh you down. You need a gift that is both thoughtful and colorful to elicit that feeling of jubilation and celebration. Among the best gifts you can send to a new mum to congratulate her for bringing forth a newborn baby are flowers. New baby flowers should be thoughtful and not buy just by buying them.

Traditionally, new baby gifts such as flowers are best sent to the hospital where the mother has just delivered, or she is about to deliver. But thanks to advanced medical technology, a mother can just stay in the hospital for only a day or two. Therefore, it is not a good idea anymore to send your floral gifts to the hospital because they may be forgotten. The best thing to do is to wait a week or two before showing up with a gift at her home. If you decide to head over to her place to hand over your gift, call first since the mother will be quite busy taking care of her new bundle of joy.

You can also decide to seek services from a new baby flower delivery Cyprus company where you can order and have your flowers delivered to your recipient. Cosmea Gardens flower offers the best flowers for any occasion, including new baby flowers. Before you decide to order new baby gifts and flowers online, read on for thoughtful new baby floral gift ideas.

If you are clueless about which new baby gift to get the mother, a reputable florist of flower delivery will help you select the best flower for the occasion. When it comes to new flowers for a newborn baby, presentation matters a lot. While some florists may show their creativity by arranging beautiful flowers in a small toy baby stroller, others may present them in a watering can. There is no exact official flower arrangement for a newborn baby. That is why you are also free to include stuffed animals with your flowers to make them unique and cute.

All these new baby gifts are awesome, but it all boils down to the recipient’s taste and preference. Somber flowers should not be included in a new baby’s bunch because they are usually with sad moments such as funerals. A good example is the lily flowers. For a practical gift that will benefit the mother in the long run, you decide to go with a diaper cake made from flowers coupled with several disposable diapers. Let’s look at some of the best thoughtful newborn gifts.

Thoughtful Flower Ideas for a New Born 


Carnations-New Baby Flower

The reason why carnations are used in many new baby floral arrangements is that they are sturdy and durable flowers. Another good thing about these affordable flowers is that they bloom all year round. Whether it’s a baby boy or a girl, these flowers are available in very many colors, and they can also be dyed to turn blue or any flower it’s not available in.


Daffodils-New Baby Flower

Daffodils are said to be flowers in the spring season. They are perfect flowers for babies born in the spring season. They can be arranged and sent as a bouquet basket or in a pot/container. The number of ways that you can present your daffodil flowers is by filling a small bag with daffodil bulbs. Ask the parents of the newborn baby whether you can plant the bulbs in their garden to memorize the baby’s birthday. This is a wonderful gesture that will surely go a long way. As spring comes every year and these beautiful flowers bloom, the child will know that his or her birthday is on the way.

Gerbera Daisies 

Gerbera Daisies-New Baby Flower

When you think about these beautiful flowers, I bet what comes to your mind is joy and happiness. Yes, gerbera daisies are the best newborn baby flowers to express jubilation and celebration. The reason being that they come in many different colors that can be combined in a basket or a bouquet and sent to the mother of the newborn baby. These cheerful blooms look quite stunning when placed in a basket. If it pleases you, you can present it as a standalone pink bloom for a bouncing baby girl.


To celebrate the birth of a newborn, you request the best flowers around. However, finding all types of new baby gifts and flowers at your local florist may not be easy. The best place to order an awesome new baby is online. Online new baby flower delivery Cyprus companies offer exuberant all-occasion flowers that will definitely impress.


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