Things To Know Before Going For A Desert Safari Experience

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Dubai desert safari is said to be the best experienced during the winter season as the weather doesn’t remain as harsh. Thus, visitors can have an exciting time without having to worry about the hot weather. 

The expedition, known as an adventurer’s delight, has a lot to offer to guests. From fun-filled, action-packed activities to exciting shows and a lavish dinner, there’s a lot to enjoy. However, you can only have the best experience if you are fully prepared for it.

Desert Safari

Here are some of the things you must know before going for a desert safari experience to make this journey the memorable of your life:

Light Clothes

So, let’s start with one of the essential tips. People often make a big mistake by wearing clothes that can make them feel suffocated. Desert Safari is not the type of place where you have to dress up all for and fine. Ensure that you wear shorts and a good t-shirt. That way, you won’t feel the heat getting inside you. Here’s a bonus tip that we’d like to give you. Try wearing light coloured clothes. They will also help you a lot.

Travel With Friends & Fam

While desert safari companies take in solo travelers, it’s best to travel with your family or friends. It is a perfect journey in which you can spend some fun time with your family and take part in numerous activities available at the campsite. If you have kids, tag them along as they are going to love riding on the back of the camel. This is not something they would get to enjoy in their city life.

Hydrate Yourself

Dubai is famous for its humid weather and believe us, you don’t know when the tables can turn and the next moment, you’re on the ground losing all your senses. Try following this tip otherwise, you will miss out a lot of things by getting a little sick. Having said that, it is important to note that there is unlimited water supply available at the campsite. So, you will not have to carry water bottles with you. It will be an additional burden for you. Speaking of burden, do not make this mistake of carrying unnecessary stuff with you. It will be hard for you to carry them everywhere. Furthermore, there will also be the risk of losing them.

Be Careful While Quad Biking 

One of the main attractions of Desert Safari is it’s Quad Biking experience. Imagine yourself drifting away from the sand in a quad bike, wouldn’t that look so cool? Well, we know that it looks cool but we would suggest you not to do anything dangerous while riding it if you’re not experienced or if you’re not under some proper supervision. However, this journey wouldn’t be the case as you will have the service of a professional who’ll be there to guide and train you.

Avoid Interaction With Animals

Now here’s a thing, people often think that desert safari is famous for its experience but there is another thing which attracts a lot of tourists, it’s a natural habitat. Now if you are travelling in the desert safari, you might get a chance to see a sandfish or a lizard. People often run after such creatures to have a closer look. However, we would recommend you not to do this as they are extremely harmful. We want your trip to be safe and happy.

Different Desert Safari Deals and Packages

Desert safari trip operators offer numerous packages and deals to enjoy this experience. They vary in terms of price, features included, time of the safari etc. Among the deals, the common ones are morning, evening and overnight desert safari. Each of these deals have their own set of perks.

Shedding light on the packages, you can choose from self-drive, basic, advance and VIP/elite. The decision of the selection of the package depends mostly on the budget.


There we go, these are some of the things that you are supposed to know before going for the experience of your lifetime. We are pretty sure that you will love this experience even more if you’re taking these things into account. Now book your tickets, pack your bags and take to one of the greatest tourist destinations of all time.


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