Things to Keep In Mind When Traveling To Mumbai for the First Time

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Mumbai is regarded as one of the most significant cities in India. This metropolitan city indeed attracts more than 6 million tourists per year. The city of dreams, Mumbai is mainly known for Bollywood, India’s largest film industry. Other well-known aspects of this city include its tourist attractions, street food, and its grand Ganesh Utsav celebrations. There are a few things first-time tourists should consider before going to Mumbai, which are mentioned below:

Seven things to consider before traveling to Mumbai as first-time tourists:

  • What time is the best time to visit Mumbai?

Before planning a visit to Mumbai for the first time, just take a look at the best time to visit the city. Mumbai has the best weather in the months of October to February, as it’s chilly and pleasant. During March-May, temperature ranges from 25 to 38° C, while June to September offers the temperature range of 20 to 30 ° C.

  • Where can you stay?

Another important aspect you need to think about is where you’re going to stay. There is a wide range of variety from luxurious hotels to affordable places. If you are looking for affordable options, PG in Mumbai- Andheri by Your-Space would be a great option.

  • Foods you can’t miss out on!

Mumbai is known for its street food. Just remember that if the food is hot, it’s most probably fresh. Apart from street food, Mumbai also has fancy gourmet food in top-notch restaurants.

  • Tourist attractions you’d love to visit!

If you’re visiting Mumbai then you have to visit the following attractions:

  • Marine Drive
  • Gateway of India
  • Chowpatty Beach
  • Versova Beach
  • Juhu Beach

Tip: If you are planning to hit the beach, don’t forget to carry another bag with your swimwear and sunscreen.

  • How to get around the city?

Good options include Uber, rickshaws, local trains, ferries, metro services, and vehicles that you can rent for the day to get around the city. All these options are pocket-friendly as well as efficient. One drawback of this city is the traffic. If you think going out during the night would be better, that’s not true. Night-time traffic is also there.

  • Beware of the no-selfie zones!

One important thing that you need to be careful about is the ‘no-selfie zones’. The death rate of Mumbai has certainly increased over the past years due to people taking selfies in accident-prone areas. Be aware of those zones and avoid taking pictures there. Drowning incidents due to selfies are now under control because of the commencement of these safety zones.

  • Students and educational trips!

Students have multiple options when it comes to traveling to Mumbai for the first time. If you are going to study there for a while, you might want to look for a PG. Good options for girls include girls PG near Amity University and other important universities.


Mumbai is a fun place. People are really helpful, and the food here is delicious. You will feel at home even if you are away from home in this new city. I hope you enjoy your little stay in Mumbai. And while you are there, ensure you stay at a comfy and safe place such as a PG by Your-Space. Explore their website to know more.


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