Things to Help When You’re Quitting Vape

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Deciding to finally put down the e-cigarette and quit vaping can be a very difficult thing to do. Although it is common knowledge, vaping and smoking is a highly addictive activity that can negatively consume someone’s life and jeopardize their health for years. Not to mention the constant yearning for the next cigarette or puff of your vape can take over your life.

Quitting vape could potentially be an extremely hard feat to overcome, because behind that comes many different factors. Vaping has transformed into a lifestyle choice for many people; centering their life around when they can take a break from work to vape or how fast they can get their next vape juice or pod refill.

It can be overwhelming at some points to feed this addiction, so making the hard decision to quit should be validated and praised. This problem is especially prevalent in young people nowadays, so kicking this habit at a young age is a very positive thing.

Nicotine and tobacco products have become so easily accessible over a short period of time, that it’s very easy to quickly form the habit and form a nicotine addiction. There should be no shame associated with smoking cigarettes, vaping, or using anything of that nature, because it happens to a majority of people and it can stick with them for a long time.

Nicotine Free Products to Help You Quit

If you’re looking for something to aid in the process of quitting your vape, try the nicotine free Cyclone Pods. These Juul lookalikes are specifically designed to help solve the nicotine dependency that is running rampant in the United States.

This product looks and acts just like the popular Juul, or any other disposable e-cigarette, but allows you to pop in a nicotine-free vape juice pod to aid in the quitting process. This is a great way to successfully deal with cravings, but this way doesn’t feed into the problem.

The creators of Cyclone Pods designed this device and the special vape juices to help stop the need to quit nicotine cold turkey, which has been proven as a highly ineffective way to quit nicotine and smoking.

There are other ways to help quit nicotine such as nicotine gum, nicotine patches, or other medications, but these methods could be considered counterproductive because they do contact small amounts of nicotine.

By investing in an affordable nicotine replacement device, you can slowly wean yourself off of this addictive chemical, skip out on the horrible withdrawal symptoms, and see long term results.

Try Cyclone Pods Today

Cyclone Pods have a diverse selection of different nicotine replacement pods to choose from. If you’re used to choosing fruity flavors from your nicotine based juices, don’t worry. Cyclone Pods has a great selection of delicious tasting pod flavors that would be a great fit for anyone. Choose from flavors like mango, strawberry, raspberry, and even fun flavors like vanilla and coffee!

If you are accustomed to the flavor of pure tobacco, Cyclone Pods didn’t forget about you. They also have a supply of tobacco flavored pods, as well.

If you’re worried about depriving yourself of nicotine by making the switch, you actually won’t have to do that. Try the “taper kit” available on their website, which supplies you with multiple sets of vape pods that slowly go down in the level of nicotine that is in them, so once you have finished the kit, you would have smoked a nicotine-free pod.

If you’re willing to take the plunge of quitting vape for good, check out their website at

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