Things to Do When You Visit the State of Havens ‘Utah’

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Utah is one such destination that brings down everything under one roof, from incredible parks to amazing ski resorts to natural wonders that are sure to amaze your senses like never before. When in Utah, we recommend a road trip, to help you witness Utah’s raw beauty. The scenic drives are worth the drive. 

This piece guides you to some exotic destinations in Utah, let’s get started. 


Moab is the center point of outdoor adventures in the Southwest. This place is nearest to Canyonland National Park, Arches National Park, and offers endless biking, hiking, rafting, and off-road activities. The swiveling petrified dunes and besiege mountains make it a perfect spot for outdoor adventures and provide breathtaking natural views. 

In winters, this place does not entertain activities as it gets covered by snow. The best time to visit Moab is during the fall and spring seasons. 

Arches National Park

Arches National Park covers almost 2000 stone arches. This place includes stunning stone arches that are complemented with the snow-covered peak of the La Sal Mountains. To reach all the famous arches, tourists need to follow walking and hiking trails. However, most of them can be witnessed while driving down the park. 

The most famous and captured arch is the Delicate Arch; this arch looks like a horseshoe jutting out of the ground. Want to enjoy life in Utah? Visit Devil’s Garden, Broken Arch, Double Arch, and Balanced rock. 

Canyonlands National Park

Utah’s version of Grand canyon consists of three sections. The main section of the park looks like an Island in the sky. This region offers amazing sights looking beyond snow-covered hills. The other two sections, The Maze and The Needles district, also offer beautiful landscapes that are unique and impressive. 

These areas are more secluded than the central part; The Needless also offers the best place for hiking.  One of the most sought-after attractions in the Island in the sky is Mesa Arch. 

Ski resorts and Park city

Magazines in Utah named this place as a fun mountain town, situated about 45 mins from southeast of Salt lake city. You will find the best ski resorts in this area, like Deep valley resort, Park City Mountain resort, and more. 

These resorts offer high-level terrain for every skier. Park City is also home to Utah Olympic Park; it was used as a venue for the 2002 winter Olympics. Currently, this place offers various outdoor activities for children and adults alike, zip-lining and hiking. This park also plays host to Park City’s most famous events like the Sundance Film Festival and more. 

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument 

This national monument covers a huge terrain that includes hills, waterfalls, forests, scrubland, and arches. Grand Staircase-Escalante offers solitude and remoteness like no other park. Dirt deserted road, where you can enjoy scenic drives without worrying about crowds or traffic.  

This park is sprawled over 1.9 million acres and is currently managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Hike throughout the trails and explore the serenity of waterfalls and ridges. A must-visit point of Grand Staircase-Escalante is Low Calf Creek Falls Trail. It offers amazing scenic views and is one of the most clicked places. 

Capitol Reef National Park

This national park is located directly west of Canyonland National Park. And is one of the best places to enjoy the amazing landscape of Utah life. It reveals the huge banded sandstone that is rising above the Fremont River. This place is generally a sightseeing spot, but you can enjoy hiking trails as well. 

To get away from the busy life, Capitol Reef comes to the rescue. You will find freshness here as this place sees fewer tourists than other parks. Visit the park’s visitor center that is located at 15 mins distance from town. 

St. George

According to some Utah magazine, St. George is one of the most convenient places to base yourself if you are looking for amazing outdoor adventures. The city of St. George offers several tourist attractions like the Brigham Young Winter Home Historical Site and St. George Temple.

This place has some beautiful camping areas and outstanding walking and hiking trails to quench your adventure thirst. 

However, if you want to do a quick run on the things to do, we suggest you check out the Utah life magazine, to get all inside out stories of Utah. These magazines guide you with everything from where to camp, what to eat, and lots more. 


If you are looking to unravel the cultural heritage or opting for skiing, head straight to Salt lake city. This place is well known for outdoor actions like camping, mountain biking, hiking, driving ATV’s and more. The elevation of Utah differs from place to place, while it may be snowy in some places and hot & humid in others. During winters, many parks are completely locked, and towns shut down. So, make sure to check your dates with the weather forecast for safe and comfy traveling.


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