Things Need To Know Before Going Ahead With Your Preparation For The UPSC In Chandigarh

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The UPSC Aspirants, while they begin their IAS preparation, they are generally ill-informed & confused.  Without any practical approach, they are not sure about where to start & what needs to cover. With numerous queries in the mind of IAS/IPS aspirants about eligibility, examination dates, schedule, number of posts covered etc. their worries become more & more crucial. In order to be cleared about your preparation, you first need to know about the changing requirements of each & every civil services exam.

You can find out where you need to begin your preparation for IAS exams in the below mentioned information.

First thing first-Know about the eligibility criteria for UPSC exams

It is better for you to start your preparation well ahead like after leaving your school or completing your higher secondary exams. But at the same, time there are other things that you need to keep in your mind.

  • For a successful application, the age of candidate should be in the range of 21-32 for the general category.
  • The aspirant should have a Graduate degree in any subject.
  • The highest possible attempt permitted is-6. However, other relaxations can be made in the age limit as well as the total number of attempts for categories that are reserved like SC, OBC, ST etc.

Keep your eyes open for the Exam Dates & any changes in UPSC Syllabus

If you have successfully passed all the eligibility criteria for giving a UPSC exam, then the next important thing is to know about your preparation, and that needs to be aligned with Civil Services Examination Cycle.

The UPSC exam has 3 stages of selection

  • Preliminary
  • Mains
  • Interview

They all have a fixed schedule like June for Preliminary, September/October for Mains and February-April for Interview rounds with the respective syllabus to cover.

Decide whether you want to join any online coaching or self study

You need to decide whether you want to start your preparation for UPSC civil service exams with any IAS institute in Chandigarh or you are going ahead with a self-study plan. Both of these choices are quite confusing for the aspirants, but you need to choose one as per your needs and in well advance, because lots of coaching institutes offer their students a welcome package with the best deals and discounts and it is something that you surely don’t want to miss if you are choosing the outdoor studies.

On the other self-study can be executed at the sheer comfort of your own house or any other space at 1/10th of the total amount charged by the coaching academies. It can be suitable for working professionals. However, self-studies will leave you an option to follow a systematic approach, be regular, chose the right kind of IAS books, study materials, websites or mock exams with a lot of focus as compared to classroom studies with an IAS coaching Center Chandigarh.

  • For cracking the exam with self-studies, you need to:
  • Follow effectively implemented strategies
  • Go ahead with the notes and study schedule of UPSC toppers, what was their approach etc.
  • In order to learn faster, follow a mock test-based approach, for that take the help of periodic mock tests so that you can nicely evaluate your overall performance.

If you are not in a position to go through any classroom coaching then don’t worry many aspirants have cleared IAS exam without any outdoor support, but you need proper orientation and where to study, what to study and what not also.


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