TheWiSpy Review – Feature Rich and Inexpensive Cell Phone Tracker App

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There are dozens of monitoring and tracking apps rightly available, enabling users to keep tabs on the digital devices of family members and working staff. Of those programs, we have reviewed here the hottest and high-tech mobile phone tracking and parental control program, TheWiSpy. It’s found to be a reliable and affordable program offering a wide range of high-quality capabilities. Keep reading to know about the installation process, core attributes, compatible apparatus, and price of this surveillance app.

How Does TheWiSpy Cell phone Tracker App Work

The Cell Phone Tracker App empowers the end-user to secretly monitor a mobile phone device. As soon as you get a smartphone device installed with a spy app, the app gets access to information stored on the phone. It generates an online backup of important details like conversations, contact numbers, call logs, photographs, videos, emails, and key logs. The app incorporates an internet portal through which the targeted cell phone can be monitored and controlled. The end-user can recover cell phone data through the web portal. This portal site is also used as an online control panel to send commands to the device. The spy app performs all work with whole secrecy without generating any notification or sound on the target telephone.

The observation and parental control app provides a vast array of features enabling users to track and operate a mobile phone device without access. We have discussed here the most notable features of the app.

Message Tracker

The Android Cell Phone Tracker App gets access to messages stored on the phone, such as incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS. The app also generates an internet backup of those messages by uploading them to the online portal. Additionally, it syncs the SMS log to offer the contact information of message senders and recipients.

Call Recorder

The end-user of the surveillance program can listen to the telephone calls received and also make via targeted telephone without physical access. The incoming and outgoing phone calls can listen straight from the web portal of the app. The spy program automatically records the calls and uploads them into the internet control panel. Additionally, it syncs and arranges call logs containing detail of calls, callers, and recipients. The program also allows blocking calls from specific numbers.

GPS Location Finder

The cell phone surveillance app lets you figure out the tracked phone by accessing the current GPS location. The app automatically syncs and uploads the current GPS location of their telephone to the web portal. Additionally, it offers geofencing to mark boundaries around the target.

Screen Recorder

The tracking software allows monitoring of real-time mobile phone actions. The end-user can record the screen of the target device to keep your eye on the cell phone actions of the item.

Password Chaser

The app records the lock display of the target telephone to allow you to detect a password to unlock the device. The program also records keystrokes applied to the targeted device, such as keyloggers of passwords of online accounts.


TheWiSpy offers a comprehensive monitoring solution to android devices. The app doesn’t support TCL devices. To get an android phone installed using the spy app, you need to root that telephone.


The price of the parental control program depends on the chosen package plan and subscription period. The subscription price of the lite package costs around $19.99 for one month, whereas the premier package can be purchased at $29.99 per month. Click here to take a look at the most recent price of the spy app.

Which are Experts?

The spy app is one of the most innovative apps offering a vast assortment of high-quality capabilities.

It enables supervising the use of the most popular social media programs.

It’ll enable remote controlling cameras and microphones of the targeted device.

It allows parents to limit the screen time of kids by remote controlling cellular apps and also locking the phone.

It enables retrieving important information from the phone anytime by obtaining the backed-up data.

It’ll enable accessing passwords and confidential data stored on the telephone.

It allows capturing each and every cell phone activity of the target virtually.

Which are Cons?

The best package only supports rooted android devices.

The tracking solution doesn’t provide website filtering.

TheWiSpy doesn’t provide a trial version.


Cell Phone Tracker App of TheWiSpy can be considered an excellent choice for parents and employers to administer the digital behavior of children and employees. It gives all innovative spying features allowing users to monitor every action performed on the target device. What’s more, it’s an inexpensive app in comparison with spy apps presently obtainable in the spy app marketplace.



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