The ultimate guide to wall mounting service in London

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Mounting a screen is an excellent method to make more space in your lounge room. If you have kids who go too close to gadgets, they should not really be touching. An out-of-reach TV will keep sticky prints off your new Oled display. Mounting a television is a modern home stylish standard in terms of visual appeal. To protect your LED or LCD, you can go for the wall mounting service in London

Mounting a television is a modern home decorating standard in terms of visual appeal. It’s visually appealing, mainly because Televisions are growing smaller by the year. Furthermore, they may be installed anyplace, from a flat wall to a curve and even above a chimney.

Moreover, a basic rule of wall mounting is to first choose the ideal placement before deciding on the right-sized TV. This way, you can be confident that your TV will look suitable, fit and fabulous in the location you choose.

Below is the complete guide for wall mount the television

If you’re on edge on where to mount your new television, where it should go, and what type of mount you need. Therefore, this article will help you evaluate your house before mounting and what hardware you should search for to really get the job done correctly.

Choosing the location for where to mount your TV

You must balance your choices and consider where you want your TV to be placed and what sort of edge would look great behind it. There are several things to consider when it comes to TV positioning and adequately mounting a TV height. Before you move on to the next stage, you must first decide where you want your TV to be in your theatre room (or bedroom). Choosing the best placing site is a complicated issue that should be given careful consideration.

For instance,

  • Whether should you choose between putting a TV on brick and mounting a TV over a chimney or wood place? 
  • Should you put your TV on a colourful or plain white or grey background?
  • What about installing a TV over a fireplace or chimney?

The answer to all of the above questions is highly dependent on your own taste. As well as the colours and components of your current entertainment room. As the saying goes, it is better to work with “what you have got,” so modify your arrangement choices based on your present entertainment area.

Furthermore, as a result, you must choose the wall for the TV mounting wall used in your TV viewing area. Suppose your entertainment room currently has more basic plywood or drywall. In that case, you could mount your TV on drywall, and likewise, if you have brick walls, you can also consider them for wall mounting. 

TV soundbars mounting

TV soundbars are an excellent choice to accompany your mounted TV for a cost-effective method. They are also best to enhance your TV’s sound to the next level. However, with so many variations to choose from, settling on just one soundbar may be a complex process.

If you are looking for more TV mounting ideas, installing TV soundbars would be a simple approach to generate a dynamic TV mounting entertainment centre. For those unfamiliar, TV soundbars are tiny, slim speakers. They carry all the power of traditional speakers yet have taken up a portion of the area.

Moreover, the appropriate decision for you might vary substantially depending on your budget range, required size and quality of sound. That is why this article reviewed the most pleasing TV soundbars. These soundbars are available for your comfort, so you can make a more informed decision on which one to purchase. Visit us.

Wall mount your TV on a brick wall

Apart from attaching to drywall, another fantastic choice to consider is mounting your TV to brick walls if your entertainment room has brick walls. Raw brick has a great, rustic appearance and feels to it, so this can be pretty attractive if done correctly.

Placing your TV against a brick wall looks great, but it may be a bit of a complicated operation to carry out if you want to do it yourself. It is best to delegate this task to professional technicians that are well-versed in the installation method.

Moreover, if you are not using a brick wall but still have a brick fireplace, TV mounting on brick fireplaces may also look great.

However, because of the high degree of heat, you must be mindful that when mounting the TV to brick fireplaces, you will have to put your TV a little higher, maybe more than you planned. 

Wall mount your TV to drywall

The most traditional and widely used method of mounting a television on a wall structure is to use drywall. The most apparent option for TV wall mounting is to directly install your TV on a smooth, flat and neutrally coloured drywall surface. It is because drywall mounting is the most frequent and typical interior material found in people’s houses.

It has been one of the simplest components to mount your TV on because it is not as stiff or strong as other materials like brick or concrete.

If you have chosen to install a TV on drywall, go no further than this guide. It is because the guide is full of explanations, reasons and suggestions on properly-getting started with attaching your TV to drywall.

In conclusion, all of the above services are offered by professional technicians. They also offer Handyman services in London.


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