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The medicinal mushroom business is deceiving you

Medicinal mushrooms are one of the greatest and fastest-growing trends in natural health and wellbeing today.

With good cause.

Mushrooms have been found to enhance immunity, increase nerve growth factors, and improve endurance during physical activity (and this is only a partial list of the immunomodulatory benefits that mushrooms can provide).

However, there is a BIG SECRET that the mushroom business is working hard to keep hidden from you. These advantages are exclusively provided by beta-glucans, and most mushroom products on the market contain very little or none of this ingredient.


Jeff Chilton has been a pioneer in the medical mushroom industry since 1973 when he began working on a big commercial mushroom farm.

His firm, NAMMEX (North American Medical Mushroom Extracts), is now North America’s largest provider of medicinal mushroom raw materials.

Mushrooms have long been a fascination for the Chilton family, from Jeff to his son Skye (featured on Ben Greenfield’s show HERE).

Jeff co-wrote the book Mushroom Cultivator in 1983, and in 1989 he transitioned from cultivating mushrooms for food to marketing mushrooms as nutritional supplements.

Today, much as Natural Stacks is working to uncover and change unethical supplement business practices. Jeff and Skye are working to expose the ugly secrets of the mushroom industry.


This podcast is a must-see exhibit if you use, have considered using, or know someone who utilizes medicinal mushrooms.

Jeff drops some bombs and offers insider information that will help him separate reality from fiction in the medical mushroom market.


This is what you need to know.

Beta-glucans are a kind of polysaccharide that is active and helpful in medicinal magic mushrooms.

The profile of these beta-glucans varies depending on the fungus. That is why Lion’s Mane boosts Nerve Growth Factor by 500%. Cordyceps boosts endurance, and Reishi enhances immune health and lifespan.


If your mushroom supplement does not include beta-glucans. You will not receive the active components that are supposed to provide you with the advantages.


Unfortunately, the majority of “mushroom” items on the US market are not derived from real mushrooms.

Instead, they employ mycelium, a sterile vegetative component of the fungal organism produced in the lab. Worse, this mycelium is cultivated on cereals like rice, oats, or barley rather than the precursor-rich wood that mushrooms grow in nature.


As you will hear from Jeff and see in the lab data below. Grain-produced mycelium has a Much lower beta-glucan concentration and a significantly greater pure starch level. if you want to get more information, please visit the website



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