The Rise Of 3D Animation And It’s Benefits In These Times

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Whenever we talk about something that has the potential to make a difference in the digital world we cannot miss 3D animation. The interactive 3D animation services guarantee online firms and businesses to make their mark on an online platform. The online marketing business strategies are continuously evolving and changing so the digitalization world is also making amendments in the industry as well. In traditional times animation meant the hand-drawn and painted pictures that used to be showcased afterward. 3D animation has changed the concept of animation forever.

What is 3D animation? It is a process that makes the objects move in the real three-dimensional space. In easy words, this is an art that makes the objects to move and rotate like real-world objects. This right now is the peak of 3D animation in these times. It is widely used in TV shows, movies, advertising commercials, and games as well. If you recall the immense fame this movie “Avatar” got? This happened because it was the first-ever animated movie released. After that movie, a lot of film directors and producers started to adopt a similar idea and it worked well for them as well.

Understanding The Difference Between 2D And 3D Animation

Before 3D animation was introduced 2D animation was very popular. What is the difference anyway? Well, 2D used to work on two dimensions and 3D now works on three dimensions. Isn’t it already obvious? Let us dive into a much deeper concept! 

  • 2D animation

In 2D animation, everything used to work on a two-dimensional platform like the pictures were flat and there was no depth effect with only a single perspective to see. Pictures used to be shadow less unlike they are in 3D. Furthermore, in 2D all the characters and pictures were non-realistic and cartoonish. A flat surface like a vertical or horizontal pad was used to create the characters, objects, and effects as well. 

  • 3D animation

We have a realistic effect and things from the real world that are so much more appealing to the audience. Unlike 2D it uses and utilizes the three-dimensional platform for creating objects. Because of the 3D structure here, the characters and objects look real. The little details are so on point that it makes the piece of art lovable. Also, it offers all the perspectives so that we can watch anything made in 3D just like the real world. This is the reason it is now widely used and very effective to learn.

The Interactive 3D Animation

This type of animation includes making a solely digital environment by using computer software. As the name has it, there is an interaction between the user and the object or characters within that 3D environment. It allows the users to move through that work of 3D animation by their computer screen usually with the mouse and keyboard which helps them move. We see this technique widely used in the games to make them more realistic and fun to play. 

There is a range of things that have to be kept in mind when working with interactive 3D animation. The viewers must be able to approach the objects that are nearby. Also, it is very essential to make sure that they could do that from any perspective. The user experience here matters a lot. It is the key point that makes any interactive 3D animated product unique and effective to use.

The Life Of A 3D Animator 

A 3D animator always has an advanced position in the company. With that being said he also deals with multiple responsibilities that are on his plate. They usually own the title of multimedia artist and have a whole team working under them as well. They have a variety of tasks and responsibilities to complete daily like planning, developing, and crafting. Their work can be challenging at times as per the requirements but they manage it all quite effectively.

Some responsibilities of a 3D animator are as follows

  • Make graphical animations
  • Researching about projects
  • Idea generation and deployment 
  • Implementing the feedback from the clients
  • Assigning and supervising the tasks given to the team
  • Assisting the team and colleagues in need


The interactive 3D animation services can be vital for businesses and firms. Naturally, the thing which we see with our naked eyes always leaves its memory behind. By using the latest techniques of 3D animation it can result in a power boost up for the marketing strategy. The users nowadays want to have an appealing interactive atmosphere so that they can enjoy and build their trust in it. A career in a 3D animator’s life can also be of great value. As long as you have the required skill set and expertise you can surely have a bright future in this field.


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