The Right Process to Hire a Compliance officer

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The success of your business requires the hiring of a new compliance officer, congratulations! But the game is not easy to play. You will have to show the rigor of the method. We also advise you to rely on internal or external professionals to support you in this, particularly delicate task. Casting errors are so frequent. So How to Hire a Compliance Officer?

Very little room for error

How many recruiters have seen a newcomer leave after a few months of presence, despite a long process punctuated by several job interviews? The consequences can be serious in financial and organizational terms:

Financial: with an expensive recruitment process to prelaunch, with loss of turnover, costs of dysfunction, the use of costly one-off alternative solutions (temporary work for example), or even the cost of a dismissal to be borne – etc.

Organizational: impacted productivity, a weakened social climate, demotivation within a team, a hard-pressed HR department – etc.

It is, therefore, necessary that you be as rigorous as possible in your approach for it to be crowned with success. And above all, choose the right solution.  An interim manager, for example, can make it possible to manage a high-level project without increasing its overhead costs.

Carrying out such an action takes place in 3 phases:

Step 1: define precisely, on the one hand, the job description, the candidate’s profile, his qualifications and skills, and on the other hand, the method and means of recruitment.

Step 2: find the rare pearl by activating the levers and recruitment tools chosen in the previous step.

Step 3:Integrate the newcomer: Welcome, integration into the company and into their position –   execution of administrative formalities (drafting of the employment contract to seal the new relationship between the 2 parties, a declaration to social organizations, etc.).

Read our practical file on the recruitment process

We have selected a number of publications dealing with these issues. They are directly referenced on this page as well as in the many adjoining sub-categories.

For human recruitment

By making the recruitment process more human, recruiters and candidates find themselves in it by finding a more authentic and trusting relationship.

Recruitment of a manager: interpersonal skills as much as know-how

In addition to adequate technical skills, other qualities seem essential to any manager, including knowing how to listen, being human.

Why and how to recruit an atypical?

In a much-formatted world, could it be that recruiting an atypical profile is a real innovation and the key to certain success for the whole company?

Peplum management – Desperately looking for a manager

In terms of recruitment, especially managers and other executives is all too often recruited the one who most closely fits the portrait of the ideal candidate that the leader makes for himself. Sometimes despite common sense, often at odds with the proposed mission.

Did you say predictive recruiting?

A long engaged article that demonstrates the limits of big data applied to hiring, even its dangers: manufacturing of clones, discrimination.

The echoes

What budget to recruit through a specialized firm?

Do you hesitate to hire the services of a recruitment firm? Here is an article that highlights the benefits provided by these providers as well as their costs.

Senior recruitment: 5 preconceived ideas

A publication that twists the necks of many received ideas when it comes to recruiting this type of profile: too expensive, resistant to change, not comfortable with new technologies, etc.

HR Revolution

“What skills for the Recruiters of Tomorrow?”

Ticket in 2 parts. Between the opportunities offered by technological developments in the service of the recruiter and the necessary human relations, how will this profession position itself in the years to come?

Best practices to delight the candidate experience

To be effective, the candidate’s experience must exceed the candidate’s expectations. Here are trends worthy of interest for those who would like to take a few ideas, including an after-recruitment service, a social candidate service, a unified experience and a single point of contact, an immersive experience, listening to social networks, etc.

Is the candidate a customer or a product?

At a time when hiring is no longer a guarantee of employment for life, candidates for a position adopt the behavior of informed consumers. But they also accept the role of products, sometimes top of the range.

Effective candidate sourcing

Instead of posting an ad to find the ideal candidate, why not practice the other way around by finding the profile you want yourself? Especially since the rare pearl is not necessarily active on the job market.


Experimenting With E Cig Juice Flavors

Get Ready for an AR Shell Catcher That’s Better by Design


Experimenting With E Cig Juice Flavors

Get Ready for an AR Shell Catcher That’s Better by Design