The Reasons why Organic Coconut Wax Candles getting so Popular

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Candles may seem to be a small accessory but one of the most common items found in nearly every house. Candles are primarily used for romantic dinners at night, but in the last decade or so, candles have become scented and provide a refreshing fragrance in a room.

Why Candles an essential Accessory in Every House?

The pleasant aroma of scented candles plays a positive effect and enhances the mood of the people in the room. The design and style of candles have become advanced, and now extravagant candles are not only used as home décor but also given as a gift on weddings and other occasions.

The scented jars are considered the most common and preferred candle type, and a single wick comes at second, followed by votive and tea light. The scented candles from the name mean they are used to provide a pleasant atmosphere, while tea lights and votives are used for home décor.

While selecting the candle for your house, several things consider the shape, size, color, and type of wax—most consumers like candles made from beeswax followed by soy wax and paraffin.

Apart from the common wax types, coconut wax has also become quite popular in recent years, and it is developed by hardening coconut oil at a high melting point. The coconut wax is made by taking the oil from the coconut and then filtering and cleaning it and what is left behind is 100% natural and biodegradable white coconut wax.

The organic coconut wax is a light and non-sticky moisturizing solution that is the best ingredient for numerous healthcare products such as skin cream, face care creams, balms, and body butter. The coconut wax is also quite compatible with other natural oils and fragrances.

The coconut wax is also used in candle manufacturing, where it is said to hold an estimated 10% of the fragrance. The reason why Online High-Quality Essential Oils is so popularly used by consumers are

  • The coconut wax candles dispense an amazing and pleasant scent
  • The candles last longer due to slower burn
  • The coconut wax candles are the most eco-friendly candles available in the market
  • The coconut wax is naturally quite soft

Nearly all oil types can be turned into wax, but coconut oil and beeswax are two of the most natural and eco-friendly ingredients to make candle wax. Many experts believe that coconut oil is the best way to make candles.

How Coconut Wax is made

The coconut oil melts at room temperature and is not classified as wax. The refined coconut wax used in making candles is delivered from a process called ‘hydrogenation.’ First, coconut oil is taken out by gathering and pressing the coconut meat.

The refining process removes the smell of coconut, and the hydrogenation increases the melting point from 75 F to 100 F. The coconut oil is then blended and mixed with other natural waxes to increase the melting point of the wax further and prevent it from liquefying.

The other natural waxes are blended in such a way to form a wax that remains solid at room temperature. The addition of coconut oil results in wax burning evenly as compared to other types of wax.

Different Types of Candle Wax

The earliest candles used by humans were made from beeswax, but with time, say wax, paraffin wax, and palm wax became common. The main reasons why these types of candle waxes became widely used were ease of production and extraction, pleasant fragrance, low costs, and slow-burning.

Most candle waxes, such as paraffin wax, may be low-cost, but it is unsustainable, burns faster, and has negative health effects. The soy wax is hugely popular as it burns slowly, but it does not dispense scent effectively and has a soft texture that crumbles easily.

The beeswax is one of the most common and popular types of candle wax that comes naturally from honeybees. The beeswax has a nice aroma, golden color, and one of the most sustainable candle wax ingredients. But beeswax is not easily blended with scented candles and has little scent throw.

Also, beeswax is three to four times more costly than another wax type because bee colonies are expensive to maintain.

The best candle wax type is the one that combines coconut oil with beeswax. The scented candles made from coconut oil and beeswax usually have a slight chemical additive to increase the scent.

Why Coconut Wax the Best Ingredient to Make Candles

As discussed, there are numerous candle waxes, but none of them is as sustainable and cost-effective as desired. However, upon research, coconut wax is considered the best type of candle wax as it is easily extracted from a simple process, throws scent effectively, and burns slowly.

The coconut wax was overlooked through the years because it was twice as expensive as compared to other wax types. Today, in the market, consumers get a chance to browse through candles marketed as ‘coconut wax blends,’ but most are not made from 100% natural coconut and contain soy paraffin wax.

Coconut wax is sustainable but still not the most perfect of candle wax, and it needs to be blended with other wax to increase its melting point. But considering all the other types, coconut wax is the best option as it is made from a renewable resource and has excellent scent throwing capability.

The organic coconut wax candles last almost 50% longer than traditional candles. The coconut wax is made from coconuts that grow naturally and without any chemical fertilizer or pesticides. The coconut wax can store scent 12%, which is most compared to other types of wax.

The scent-throwing ability makes coconut wax a popular choice for scented candles and other cosmetic products. The scented candles come in various shapes and sizes, and the coconut wax shines through when burning.


If you want to have a peaceful and soothing environment in the house once you return after a busy day at work, you need to get scented coconut wax candles that deliver long-lasting pleasant fragrance. The coconut wax burns slowly and does not emit the smell of coconut or soot particles in the air.


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