CareKnots – The Platform Bringing Nursing Assistants and Needy People Together Amid COVID-19

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As the result of health concerns and uncertainty brought on due to the COVID-19, technology is stepping up into the game and helping healthcare providers and Platform Bringing Nursing Assistants to better respond to the needful patients. The new normal has changed the way we live and how we reach out to home care services. Especially when authorities have been continuously encouraging us to follow social distancing measures. To create a safe and healthier environment for all. 

With preventive measures like travel restrictions, avoid large gatherings, and maintaining personal hygiene, vulnerable members of our society may find it difficult to obtain healthcare services. To save professionals and individuals from all the hassle, a franchise unit owner of Golden Heart Senior Care Glenview, Nelia Ladlad has been pivoting her operations to respond to coronavirus challenges and introducing CareKnots for comprehensive healthcare support to the doorstep. 

Why Web Application for Home Care Seems Viable amid COVID-19? 

Since people have become more concerned about their safety, they are trying to limit travel and other operations to reduce. The risk of contamination. However, people who are prone to chronic illness, memory care, or other infection-causing factors are in the need of quality home care and home health services. To maintain physical and emotional well-being. 

In such situations, a trusted platform like CareKnots might be the answer to all your worries. In the context of the home care segment. The Platform Bringing Nursing Assistants is bringing caregivers and needful patients closer to receive the best healthcare support within the comfort of their homes. 

Especially aging is a sensitive phase and requires meticulous attention at every stage. Though this application isn’t just centered on a specific age group, needy people can reach out to licensed and well-trained caregivers assisting with women’s care, elderly care, child care, and other individuals. 

Key Benefits of Application for Healthcare Support 

In hard-to-reach areas, home-bound people and vulnerable individuals can use a web application to come in contact with trained nursing assistants for full-time care. Night care, daycare, or special healthcare needs. 

This effort can make a positive impact in the following areas: 

  • Creating positive experiences for both healthcare professionals and needy patients 
  • Keeping you well-informed under all health-critical conditions 
  • Making a healthier, safe, and ethically valued environment with committed healthcare support at home 
  • Giving one-stop access to healthcare services 
  • Bringing qualified nurses and needful people together  
  • Enabling the best home healthcare service in remote areas or hard to reach places 

The aim of this technology-enabled home care support also encompasses giving an incredible opportunity to certified nurses. To meet their professional ambition of reaching out to people who are in need while earning remuneration in the industry. 

How home-based healthcare is evolving and growing? 

Technology and innovation can help facilitate communication, real-time coordination. And enhanced collaboration between caregivers and individuals or families in need of healthcare assistance. Introducing a platform for bringing healthcare service support at home is the need of an hour. When the world has been coping with the destructive effects of the pandemic and being dominated by mobile devices. 

Thanks to a platform like CareKnots that is making all the efforts to ensure personalized nursing care at home, bringing needful patients or families and compassionate nurses under the same roof. 

Final Thoughts 

The progression of web and mobile applications in the healthcare support area seems an incredible contribution towards making a happier and safe place to live for everyone.  

I am glad that a healthcare agency is pivoting its efforts in response to social distancing and certain challenges and creating a path. Where every needy is able to receive the best home healthcare support from a highly skilled nurse within the privacy and comfort of their home Platform Bringing Nursing Assistants. 


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