The Most Interesting Trends In Converted Storage Containers

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The hunt for new eco-friendly ideas has led to a new trend in storage container conversions. Shipping and onsite storage containers are being converted for many different uses. Trends are helping to reduce the number of storage containers left sitting unused in empty lots, while also providing a new building material with diverse applications. Here are some of the increasing trends of converted storage containers.

The Emergence of Containerization

Containerization has emerged as the new trend in storage. It looks at new ways of developing reliable storage for a growing list of products but in very unexpected ways. For example, manufacturers are actually considering the dimensions of the shipping containers used to transport their goods so they can adapt the products to fit within the containers more easily. This reduces the need for loading products on pallets and improves efficiencies in the use of shipping container space.

With so many products being shipped from overseas, the importance of reducing damage, while making transportation more efficient and affordable has become more important than ever. Containerization is the answer to many issues, including reducing damage to goods, which in turn reduces how many damaged goods wind up in landfills. All of these things contribute to more affordable consumer goods and help promote an eco-friendlier approach to manufacturing and transporting goods.

Smart Conversions

A trend towards smart conversions in shipping containers is making it easier to track containers as they travel. This improves security and also increases efficiencies as mentioned above. It makes it easier to clear arrivals through customs, while also making it easier to locate a container for pickup at the docks. It also allows for monitoring of mobile self-storage containers converted into climate-controlled storage, as it can check ambient temperatures and even help control moisture levels.

Multi-Purpose Conversions

While the first two trends use conversions directed at improvements for shipping and storage, there are far fewer conventional conversion trends underway. The makeup and shape of converted shipping containers are ideal to create “building blocks” for both residential and commercial applications. With customized modifications, converted storage containers can be repurposed for an endless list of uses including:

  • Workshops or sheds
  • In-law suites and granny flats
  • Ready-made home extensions
  • Hotel accommodations
  • She sheds and man caves
  • Pop-up stores for retailers
  • Onsite offices for construction sites
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes
  • In-ground and above ground swimming pools
  • Home offices
  • Commercial office space
  • Art studios and galleries

The applications are truly only limited by the needs they can meet!

Converted Storage Container Housing

The affordability of storage containers as a building material has increased use as a housing option. Some examples include:

  • Homeless Housing: In Orange County, CA a two-story, 16-unit apartment building made of storage containers was designed for homeless veterans.
  • Military Housing: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have built shipping container homes in Iraq and Afghanistan for military staff and U.S. personnel.
  • Housing Shortages: Converted containers are also offering an excellent option to help address affordable housing shortages in Montana.
  • Student dorms: In Amsterdam, 1,000 shipping containers were converted into housing for students, the largest complex of its kind.

However, both the small house craze and the desire to find more eco-friendly building materials have made converted storage container housing more mainstream. Both new and repurposed shipping containers provide a quick way to use affordable and sustainable building materials to create customized homes for families.

As you can see storage container rentals are not the only for shipping containers. These trends will continue to offer a growing list of problems shipping containers can solve.



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