The Meaning And Symbolic Value Of Butterfly Release In Funeral Events

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The nature that surrounds us is full of beauty and enchantment. Many people find all the solace from the calmness of the wind, the green trees, the colorful flowers, butterfly release for funeral Los Angeles and the soft rains.

How to Find Happiness and Peace in Life

One of the best ways to find happiness has a pet cat or dog in the house that is a source of utter joy. Many people love to wake up early in the morning and to walk in the gardens to feel the light sun rays, inhale the fresh air, and smell the fragrance of colorful flowers.

One common sight in the garden is the presence of beautiful butterflies dancing around the flowers. Butterflies are known for their vibrant and distinct colors and have the most striking color displays. Butterflies have unique color patterns and feed on the nectar from the flowers.

The Reasons behind Releasing Butterflies in Events

Due to the striking colors, butterflies have become a symbol of celebration and are released in different events such as weddings and private parties. Apart from balloons and confetti, now butterflies are also used for celebrations.

The guests will be amazed to see the majestic butterflies released in the air and flutter away gloriously. Legends say that you should whisper a wish with a fluttering away butterfly, and it will come true. The butterfly release will make the day even more spectacular. It is possible that the guests will remember the butterfly release and even take pictures as a fond memory.

Many of the guests may also see a butterfly resting on their shoulders while leaving the event. Children, in particular, are quite excited to catch the butterfly or want it to sit on the hand. Butterflies are known as symbols of change, beauty, and transformation.

Butterflies represent change because they are formed when a caterpillar goes through metamorphosis. Butterflies are probably the only species formed through a process as some caterpillars morph into colorful butterflies.

Many professional companies provide a wide range of services, whether for weddings, private events, and even funerals. Butterfly release for funeral Los Angeles is one of the best ways to pay tribute and honor the life of the deceased person.

The release of colorful butterflies will bring delight and comfort to everyone present at the funeral. The release of butterflies can bring a lot of emotion and memory for everyone.

What does Butterfly Release Symbolize?

According to research, a butterfly represents new beginnings and a peaceful hereafter for the deceased person. The orange, yellow, and red wings burst into the air, which will leave most people in awe and wonderment. As a caterpillar goes through different stages and then forms into a butterfly, similarly, a person goes through numerous stages from childhood to maturity and adulthood.

Caterpillars are ordinary, and not many people may bother looking at them twice, but butterflies are so vibrant that every person wants to see them as closely as possible. The transformation from an ordinary caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly means that many problems may arise in a person’s life,  but it may make a person more wonderful.

A butterfly release means that the deceased person has lived an extraordinary life and had an incredible journey filled with changes and ups and downs, and now another beautiful adventure awaits him/her.

The butterflies will fly around the ground and even land on some of the guests and will bring a smile. For an event such as weddings, the butterfly’s release should be asked before the event so that there is enough time to raise the butterflies. However, the butterflies can be provided easily for funerals.

How Butterflies become part of the Events

The butterflies will be shipped before the day so that they can be released the next day. The butterflies are sent in a specially designed container that is insulated. The butterflies are adequately fed, so they are active when released at the funeral.

The butterflies are placed in envelopes as it allows the wings of butterflies to be folded in a natural position. The envelopes also prevent any damage to the wings of the butterflies. The slight space between the envelopes also does not suffocate the butterflies as they only need a small amount of oxygen to survive.

How to Plan for Funeral Event

The companies have funeral planning experts who can efficiently guide people if they want to plan and pay tribute to the deceased person. Some of the things that are provided include

  • Detail funeral planning steps
  • Planning forms to save time, effort, and resources
  • A long list of advantages of preplanning a funeral
  • Tips on how to manage the costs of funeral

Many people plan for their weddings, graduation parties, birthdays, and anniversaries but not many people plan for the funeral of an old family member. On death, all the preparations and arrangements fall on the shoulder of the bereaved family.

Sudden death in the family makes it difficult to plan and organize all the arrangements quickly. The emotions are quite high, but time is short. Some of the necessary questions or tasks to fulfill include

  • Burial or cremation
  • Selection of funeral home and services
  • Open or closed casket
  • Funeral or memorial service

There are quite a few questions, and one family member does not usually take the decisions. All the family members must gather and then agree on a plan.


When a person passes away, the tradition is for the family and friends to gather and say final goodbyes. Most of the funeral events are now planned in such a way to reflect the success and wonderful memory of the deceased person. Planning an event is one of the key processes to manage grief for the bereaved family.

With time, apart from the traditional activities, many new ones have also been added to make the funeral event more memorable. The use of flower baskets is always part of the funeral service, but now butterfly release and sky lantern release are also part of the event.

No matter the event, releasing a butterfly is a nice gesture to pay tribute and honor the change. Butterflies represent growth, transition, change, and celebration.


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