The loopholes in the Educational system | and what’s the Solution?

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Education is the key to success, and the countries with successful educational systems are ruling the world. Looking back at the time when the students only had the books to study and only one traditional system of learning was followed, today’s world is far better than that and students are able to learn with the help of technology.

In the past 10 years, technology has moved with such a fast pace that every sector and industry has witnessed its growth. Almost all the businesses are now incorporating technology in their departments to embrace successful growth of the business.

Education is the foundation of every country’s economy. It is very essential for the states to pay a very keen attention to the sector of the education and to work for their growth. This development and progression in the educational sectors can help the countries to create a secure base for the future.

If the educational institutes of the country are performing well, then the state would surely flourish for the next decade. With the traditional way of teaching and learning, this development could have been little difficult. But with time, the technology has helped the countries to polish their educational institutes.


Technology has shaped the face of education in a way that the students are now more into the tech gadgets. Students are able to understand the complex topics with the help of internet and find easy ways to get help from several websites of assignment expert and other online assistance.

The education sector is also incorporating the technology since after the pandemic of coronavirus. The recorded ZOOM and Google Meet sessions, online submission of tasks and projects, and personalized learning are becoming a norm.

With the help of technology, it has become very common that the students take the help of internet and other tech-gadgets to complete their tasks. This is giving a rise to the welcome of technology into the educational field like never before.

Soon in near future, we are going to witness a reshaped face of the educational sector where the technology would have taken over everything.


There are some of the factors due to which the educational systems of some states are still weak. Nothing can ever be perfect and so as the educational sectors. The professional writers from write my assignment penned, there are some flaws and defects in every educational system that must be corrected before the time to avoid the major losses in the future.

Here is a piece of writing that is revolving around the loopholes in the educational system and their solutions. Let’s have a look at them.

Rote learning:

The phenomenon of rote learning is the one where the students are unable to understand the topic and couldn’t grab the concept. The result shows up that the students try to learn everything written in the lecture, no matter if they are able to understand it or not.

Further it is not understood by students properly and they end up getting low marks. The teachers are advised here to practice the explanation of topics in an efficient way that students could understand the topic easily.

Low-achievers’ needs are not being addressed:

The low achievers of the class are not being addressed properly. Their needs are getting neglected. Every student is different and so as their mindset and sharpness. If any student is achieving low marks then he must be heard by the teachers and should be helped appropriately.

The teachers can arrange a special session for the students who are unable to understand the topic quickly. Such students need a little more attention and this can help them to get good grades.

Overcrowded classrooms:

The classrooms are overcrowded and there are more students in the class than its capacity. This results in the attention of teacher being diverted. The teacher is unable to give all the students same attention due to which the students with a slow grasping power are unable to cope up with the class.

The classrooms must never be crowded and a teacher must be assigned with a lesser number of students whom he could assist easily in a single time. This would help the teachers to understand the students more accurately.

Teacher and student boundaries:

The boundaries of the teachers and students must not be neglected. The students today consider that the teacher as an entertainer. This results as the technology and teachers becoming a source of unnecessary joy that must be stopped at first.

Setting some limits would help the teachers and students to stay in their boundaries. The students must take the learning methods seriously and should be monitored properly.

No volunteering and internships:

The students are not provided with the volunteering and internships opportunities. This is the scenario due to which the students are unable to cope up with the fast pace of development. They need proper training and internship to choose their career carefully.

The students who are about to graduate must be given the opportunities to do some internships. Also, they must be given a chance to join any volunteer program. The students who get the proper training within the graduation period are having more successful future.

Parents are more involved:

Parents are getting more involved in the studies and in the matters of schools. This is something which is definitely not appreciated. Parents can never behave like teachers and they are not able to understand some keen concepts of educational institutes.

Support of parent is always needed by a child and in the schooling processes, it is highly required. Teachers are also advised to stop assigning complicated task as homework because they need huge assistance by parents that is not possible for every student.

Outdated curriculum:

The unchanged and outdated curriculum is also a loophole in the educational system. There are many features that remain unchanged in the curriculum and can lead to the damage of educational system.

Elimination of the standardized exams can help in changing the traditional curriculum. The personalized learning is a new and emerging concept that must be implemented in the educational systems for better growth of students.

Better training of the teachers:

There are so many teachers who are unable to understand the technology and cannot cope up with the tools that are used for the e-learning and personalized learning of the students. We cannot expect every teacher to use the technology in a perfect way.

Teachers must be trained properly to use the technology in the educational sector. We need to concentrate on the training and preparation of teachers more like never before. So, they would be able to prepare the students for the near future.


A literate person carries the future of a state and the government must be keen with its decisions for the educational system! The aforementioned factors along with their solutions are some of the loopholes in the educational system. The educational sectors must look for these issues and should come up with the smart strategies in order to manage these problems.


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