The life span of freestyle libre 14-day sensor

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Freestyle libre sensor goes on for as long as 14 days, after which it will automatically stop glucose checking. Toward the finish of the 14 days, the reader cannot read the sensor at this point. CGM sensor scanned at least once every 8 hours

A few people might be allergic to the adhesive that keeps the Sensor joined to the skin. On the off chance that you notice huge skin bothering around or under your Sensor, eliminate the Sensor and quit using the device. Contact your medical services proficient before proceeding to use the System. Serious exercise may make your Sensor slacken because of sweat or movement of the Sensor. Remove and replace your Sensor if it begins to slacken The freestyle sensor utilizes all accessible glucose information to give you readings so you should scan your Sensor at least one in 8 hours. Its performance may become slow due to less scanning.

Try not to reuse Sensors. The Sensor and Sensor Applicator are intended for single use. Reuse may bring about no glucose readings and infection. Not reasonable for re-disinfection. It may cause inaccurate results in the case of reusing the sensor.

Freestyle Libre 14 day sensor

A Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) utilizes a sensor embedded under the skin to quantify your sugar level at regular intervals. It persistently screens your glucose levels in pretty much constant and dispenses. Fresher gadgets are production line adjusted and don’t need everyday alignment. Abbott freestyle shows your glucose perusing consistently on a collector, cell phone or smartwatch, and caution goes off if your glucose is going up or down excessively fast. Others necessitate that you check your glucose by running the recipient over the sensor irregularly. Most generally, CGMs are sited on the upper arm.

When to remove the sensor

  • If the Sensor is getting free or if the Sensor tip is emerging from your skin, you may get no readings or inaccurate readings, which may not match how you feel. Check to ensure your Sensor has not come free. On the off chance that it has come free, remove it and apply another one.
  • On the off chance that you accept your glucose readings are not right or are conflicting with how you feel, play out a blood glucose test on your finger to affirm your glucose. If the issue proceeds, eliminate the current Sensor and apply another one.
  • If you are dehydrated excessive water loss in your body may cause some problems like inaccurate glucose readings and if the condition of dehydration remains the same consult your doctor immediately.

Use of freestyle libre reader

You can turn it on by pressing the button on the bottom right-hand corner. You can scan over the cloth. The reader generally collects data 1-4 cm of the sensor so to scan it hold the reader within 4cm (1.5 inches) of the sensor. The FreeStyle Libre 14 day reader has a built-in glucose meter that is intended to be utilized exclusively with FreeStyle Precision Neo blood glucose test strips and MediSense Glucose and Ketone Control Solution. Using other test strips with the Reader’s default meter will deliver an error or cause the Reader’s integral meter to not turn on or start a test. The Reader’s underlying meter doesn’t have ketone testing capability.

How to apply libre CGM

  • Pick a site on the back of your upper arm, where your back arms muscle is. Clean the area with the spirit wipe and permit it to dry.
  • Strip off the top of the sensor and unscrew the cap from the device.
  • Line up the dark mark on the sensor with the dark mark on the applicator and place it into the open-source pack.
  • Press the device down immovably until it’s closed.
  • To apply the sensor push it down firmly
  • Place the applicator on the clean side of your arm
  • Always remove the applicator softly

Where to apply sensor

  • As guided, the sensor should be placed on the backside of the upper arm
  • The other areas sensor may not work properly and give inaccurate readings.
  • Always choose the flat area of your skin even on bending or folding.
  • Apply at least 1 inch away from the insulin injection area
  • Avoid placing the sensor on stretch marks, moles, scars or lump.






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