The Future of Cancer Care In India

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There have been considerable breakthroughs in the field of oncology in recent years. Several advanced techniques have been developed that allow cancer patients to receive quality treatment. These techniques have shown promising results in various clinical trials and studies. Effective cancer care has become accessible to patients with the development of these techniques. A lot of these studies are currently under study. These strategies can help manage this chronic condition better.

Patients can Book Appointments at the most advanced cancer care centers in the country- one of which is Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre. Equipped with the best technology and well-trained staff, this hospital is one of Asia’s largest cancer care facilities. These have the most advanced cancer treatment facilities available. Some of these techniques that are being used in cancer treatment across the world-

Targeted therapies

Combining different therapies for the treatment has proven to be effective in the cancer treatment of several patients. New therapies like immunotherapy help the patient’s immune system fight against cancer cells.

Molecular cancer diagnostics

This is a way of assigning treatment regimes to patients by sequencing DNA from their tumors. Molecular cancer diagnostics have become a standardized part of cancer treatment and helps in creating a personalized treatment plan for the patients.

Silicon Therapy 

Under this type of therapy, doctors use the organs on a chipping technique on thousands of drug candidates on a virtual human physiological model with the help of supercomputers. This type of trial technique helps doctors to ascertain the efficacy of the drug treatment and help pharma companies to lower down the losses. 

DNA Cages 

This is one technique that is currently under development. One of the major problems which this technique would help solve is that of the destruction of healthy cells along with cancerous cells. The DNA cages would allow the drug to only target the cancerous cells in the organ and thus would be a major breakthrough technique in cancer treatment. 

Precision Surgery 

Treating cancer in sensitive organs is one of the most difficult of all the problems doctors usually come across. These sensitive organs or cells require very precise and specific treatment mechanisms.

Artificial intelligence-based therapy

This technology has made it possible to find personalized treatment for cancer patients in a short amount of time. AI can help go through millions of studies and clinical trials to figure out a customized treatment plan for the patients. 

Multi-functional radiology

Multi-functional radiology has proven to be effective in the treatment of various diseases such as AIDS. This has been effective in decreasing side-effects and increasing the efficacy of treatment in patients. 

New techniques are being developed in monitoring and providing care to the patients. A lot of these techniques are already in use while several others are being developed. 

All of these advanced treatment technologies and several others are being developed further to improve the cancer care available to the patients. One of the best hospitals offering advanced cancer treatment in India is the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre. Patients can avail the most advanced technologies at this hospital. The hospital’s approach towards cancer treatment is patient-centric and focuses on pain management. The medical staff of RGCIRC will be there to support you throughout the treatment. The staff is extremely courteous and helpful.


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