The Future Belongs To Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality was received so well by the people when it made its debut in the market. It can enhance and advance the real-world experience in a way that you could not have imagined. So what actually is Augmented reality? It is nothing but the involvement of the real-world environment in which the objects that dwell nearby are better visually, auditory, olfactory, and haptic with the assistance of computer software generated conceptual information. It fulfills three basic features 

  • Real and Virtual world combination 
  • Interaction in the real-time
  • 3D registration of the real and virtual object’s implementation 

Companies like augmented reality developers UK are generating a load of profit in this area. The fact that some people say it is better than VR is because it basically changes the components of the digital world totally into the perception of the real world for the everyday user. It is focusing more on enhancing the natural environment and situation. It enriches the perceptual experience as well.

Fashion Industry And Augmented Reality Together

With the world shifting totally to an online platform gradually people started having questions like what will happen to the fashion industry? Like there is no way that a person can buy something expensive without trying it on. However, there is an online facility available nowadays to shop online but a lot of people end up being scammed when it comes to clothing, fashion, and anything that people around you can notice. To tackle this particular issue this idea was generated and now being implemented. You can now with the help of augmented reality see how a particular product will look on you before paying for it.

Snapchat was the first one to use this feature. It became the reason for its popularity worldwide. Snapchat introduced this feature where you can apply different filters to your face on the front camera. Each filter had its different way of making your face adapt to itself and it was actually very cool. You should give it a try if you have not yet. 

It was not a surprise that augmented reality first came to cosmetics. So it could be easily checked after throwing a different lipstick filter on your face and see where it takes you. It is so essential to see how it will look before actually buying and regretting later. 

Clothing Industry And Augmented Reality Together

Many people have learned their lesson about doing online shopping. How cool it will be if you could actually see yourself in a particular attire and then decide to buy it or not. How many problems will this technology be solving? Believe it or not, the virtual try-on for things like these in the future is the next thing. The beta testings are in the process for the application like these. 

Any time in the future people will be able to actually do shopping using this amazing technology. The world’s top brands will be the first to adapt this and they will surely get huge feedback. The marketing strategies will shoot right up allowing these businesses to make even more money. Are you ready to adopt this new style of online shopping that uses augmented reality?

3D Inspection Of The Product Made Easy With Augmented Reality

Before we get to try the virtual-try on there are good chances that the product’s 3D inspection will come to life before. What is the product’s 3D inspection? Well, this is a process by which you will be able to see the product from any angle, perspective, and view. For instance, we can talk about shoes. Shoes are something that is inspected so in detail from every view. Here is the sole, that is how it looks from behind, side, front, and many more! 

All these questions will be made easy once a 3D inspection of the product will be introduced. The world will witness a brand new means of shopping that will be made possible with Augmented Reality. A lot of businesses will be going for this technique and it is for sure that customers will be choosing the product which will be shown in depth. How great will it be to actually zoom in, change the angle, and see the product before buying it till you are fully satisfied.


With said advantages now you must have a pretty good idea of how things will be changed according to the technology. How much time and cost will be saved. However, some businesses have started using this technology. Furthermore, why it has not been used very widely and still has not gotten the fame it deserves is still a mystery to many. One thing is for sure, the day people realize it’s worth, will be the day of a great revolution.


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