The board confusion – ICSE, CBSE, IB, IGCSE?

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Have you been wrestling between which boards to pick after the 10th? The Indian boards match your comfort. However, the western boards also fascinate you. There are a number of factors you keep in mind like the cost, the distance of the school from your area of residence, whether the school of your choice offers your preferred board. For example, there are a couple of icse schools in Gurgaon, for instance, The Shri Ram School. However, you wish to select another board, and for that, your child has to go to another city, perhaps stay in a residential school.

An unbiased outline of each of these boards will highlight their features, and you will be at better clarity as to which one is likely to enrich your child’s experience of class 11-12.


The Central Board of secondary education (CBSE) is a government board widely adopted by many schools.

  • The mathematics of CBSE is more comprehensive, and at times termed difficult by students.
  • The sciences are also equally intensive and require large amounts of revision.
  • The humanities subjects like civics and history are comparatively easy.
  • The NCERT textbooks are used.
  • The conventional learning methodology is applied.

CBSE has branched out CBSE international, which hinges on practical learning methods, unlike the national board, which is extensive in theory. It is more comparable to the international boards.


Indian certificate of secondary education (ICSE) is a private board instead of CBSE; however, it is also equally recognized by the Indian council of education. In class 12, ISC will be offered to the students.

  • The syllabus of Humanities and Arts is better structured compared to that of CBSE.
  • There is a focus on practicals in the sciences.
  • Schools might provide better infrastructure and facilities, as it’s private.
  • Study methods could be creative.


International general certificate secondary education is part of the CIE board offered by the UK to various countries. At plus two levels, students take the A level.

  • The curriculum sticks to the UK’s aims and objectives and is based on their syllabus requirements.
  • This might make this board less international and more national compared to the IB board.
  • The emphasis on language is a lot more than the ICSE or CBSE boards
  • The teaching patterns include in-depth knowledge of subjects
  • There is a focus on research and practical along


International baccalaureate (diploma program) is a board based in Switzerland. It is taken up by schools all over the world.

  • Self-learning methods are adopted.
  • Very extensive course outline
  • Comparable to university education
  • Classroom activities
  • Focus on work ethics
  • Application of theory
  • Difficult to give Indian competitive exams as the learning and reception pattern is different

The plus two or classes 11 and 12 are crucial years of a student’s life. The tools are in your hand, in which way you mould them, so it’s important you make the right decision, keeping in mind your child’s caliber and the coming few years. Hope the above description assists you in choosing a board for further education.


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