The Best Montessori Schools in Asia: Kuala Lumpur International School

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In Malaysia, these days, Montessori school training is seen as an imperative foundational program for all the students who want to enroll themselves in primary schools in their coming future. A Montessori school not only educates them but also prepares them to face whatever challenges that are awaiting them in the primary as well as the high school.

Malaysia has a large variety of population which has people from multiple ethnicities, from American to French, from Australian to Indian, and many more. On top of that, a large chunk of the entire population follows Islam and that is the reason this nation also mirrors much of the Islamic ethos. To grow up in such a culturally and religiously open as well as varied atmosphere can be exciting as well as challenging for your little one.

If you are a resident of Malaysia or are an ex-pat who is looking for admission in any of the Montessori schools for your little one, then you must look no further. The Global Indian International School’s Montessori programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of the global citizens of tomorrow and it also helps the little one to adjust to the multicultural environment of the nation.


The Global Montessori Plus Programme – Undoubtedly the best Montessori school program in Kuala Lumpur

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The Global Indian International School’s Global Montessori plus is a multi-award-winning program in which a strong foundation of your little one is laid.


In this program, the pre-schoolers are trained in such a way that they are prepared to face the higher years of education not only academically but also psychologically and emotionally. Transitioning from one class to another can be emotionally nerve-wracking because suddenly the child experiences a lot of changes in the study patterns, as well as the challenges of the growing year. This Montessori plan helps the child to be mentally ready for these little challenges that they are going to face in the coming future without much hassle. 


Global Montessori Plus program – Unique curriculum, Unique Approach


The Global Montessori Plus program is a unique curriculum that follows the ideas and theories of the world-renowned Maria Montessori, which is an excellent new approach towards learning. The aim of this approach is to develop multiple intelligence in little children but with learning that is full of fun and based on playing. Needless to say, this is an extremely futuristic kind of methodology and is adopted in only global, advanced schools like the Global Indian International School. 


At what age could you enroll your child in the Global Indian International School’s GMP program? 


The age criteria required for admission in the GMP program are designed in such a way that each child is able to understand and comprehend the curriculum in accordance with their brain development. 

The best preschool in Kuala Lumpur is undoubtedly the one that is offered by the Global Indian International School because it caters to all age-based requirements of the children who are seeking admission in the nursery as well as kindergarten levels.


All the children who are in the age group of above 2 and a half years are eligible for applying in this immaculate Global Montessori Plus program. The plus point of this Montessori plus program is that it has the best facilities as well as teaching staff who are excellent, trained, and competent to give the best education to all its young students so that their innate qualities are properly developed and they grow into better insightful citizens in the world of tomorrow.


GMP and its Impeccable 5 Pillars Theory


The curriculum of the Global Montessori Program is an extremely thoughtful as well as purposeful approach towards education. It not only develops a young child’s academic skills but also nurtures a core, virtuous value system inside these young children. This unique pedagogy is a part of the holistic GIIS methodology and that sets it apart from the other Montessori schools of the nation. 


That is the reason this private school in kuala lumpur has developed this innovative approach called the 5 fundamental pillars in order to aid every student to develop their emotional, psychological, academic as well as physical skills through the modules of playing, caring, and understanding each of their needs. This learning process is extremely futuristic in approach and multifaceted in its character which enables rapid acceleration of the child’s learning through experience and activity.


The program is specially designed in order to bring forth acceleration in the child’s journey of excellence in the education of the student and that is precisely why it is called ‘Excelerate’.

Through this program, the students are taught much more than basic skills of literacy. This program definitely teaches the students about speaking skills, reading capacity, comprehension capabilities, writing capacity, and numeracy skills. However, along with that, there are other things that are to be learned in this program also, like the hands-on practical learning that is given to the students through this innovative pedagogy in a platform that is age-appropriate.

That is the reason once a child attends their Global Montessori Plus program, he or she is well equipped to deal with the problems and challenges of the primary as well as the higher schools. This pedagogy is absolutely suitable not only for all the Malaysian kids that come to the Global Indian International School to study but also to the ex-pat children and the other kids who belong to other nationalities because they learn the value of experience and knowledge at such a tender age which would eventually take them forward in the longer run.


The main success of this approach innovated by this private school in Kuala Lumpur is that it promotes multiple intelligences in a child through various kinds of thematic learning. The interests of the students are cultivated through the mediums of various curriculums and subjects and with their help, they learn leadership qualities, public skills, and many other related skills.


This school initiates activities like sports events, field trips, and special cultural events through which each child gets an opportunity to nurture their own personalities, physical skills as well as cognitive abilities.



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