The best Machine Learning Applications in 2021

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In the digital age, we are talking to machines ubiquitously. We are surrounded by data-hungry machines and we provide it willingly, unknowingly non-stop. 


Machine learning has penetrated our lives so much that we can’t imagine living without it. We can’t complete our sentences without the autocorrect or auto text generator. We watch movies recommended by machines. We heavily rely on weather and traffic updates in our day-to-day lives. It sounds scary but this is true and exciting as well. 


What is Machine Learning: 


Self-learning algorithms that rely on data. 


As the name suggests, machines learn the patterns, trends in our digital behavior and provide data according to it. 


Below we will look at some applications (out of many) which use Machine Learning to provide “suggestions” and tailored recommendations. 


1- Google Translate


It is one of the widely used apps. Visiting different places is always exciting but the thought of a new language dampens the spirit. Google has improved its translation application by Natural Language Processing (NLP) which allows users to translate the language without losing its nuance. 


Google has drawn on ML widely throughout its features; be it Maps, Search, or Analytics. BERT and MUM are two more advanced features of Google for language understanding and processing. They provide more accurate and exact results based on search data. 


2- Train your tic tac toe


This is a more different kind of application. It doesn’t have any prior knowledge of the user except the rules of the game. It doesn’t know the different strategies to play it. Instead, the user teaches it by playing with it. 


If you want to know how exactly Machine Learning works, download this app and you will get the idea. In the start, it would play poorly. But as the games and amount of time spent on the app progresses, it learns to play with different strategies. 


3- LeafSnap


One of the most useful applications in ML. Take a picture of a leaf in LeafSnap and it will tell you about its scientific name and family. 


Leaves are one of the most common yet hard to signify according to types and kinds. Yet it provides you a good directory for common leaf types and their uses. 


4- Oval Money


An app can make you save money. Oval Money is a popular application that provides saving, investing, and maintaining your money virtually. 


The app CEO says, “Oval combines machine learning with the lessons users can teach one another to create collective intelligence.” 


It monitors your buying habits and the trends around you and helps you save money in smart ways. Such as saving X amount of money every time you post something on social media. 


The app doesn’t have any access to your actual money. It can only see your account details in ‘read only’ mode and cannot move funds. In its earlier days, the app helped people in the UK save a couple of hundred pounds. And since it is a machine learning app, it will only get better. 


5- Sea Hero Quest


In all of the above apps, scientists help you achieve something. Whereas in this game you help scientists fight dementia. 


The interactive game purposely draws you into challenging situations to understand the workings of your brain. Then the acquired data is used to study the causes and prevention of dementia. The game takes some time to build the neural networks according to the data you provide. 


Just imagine, by only playing an online game you help 40 million people around the world get cured by unspecified disease. This is by far one of the most commendable application. 


6- Impromp Do


Have you been trying to give up procrastination but failing miserably? Impromptu Do is at your command. The clever program design learns your habits from your daily activities and provides a golden opening to do an important task. 


As the data gets richer by the use of the app, the program matures significantly and can also prioritize your daily tasks helping you achieve more in your day. 


Google calendar is also based on machine learning and can help you complete your to-do list successfully. 


7- Prisma


Do you struggle with painting? Or have you given it up altogether because you can’t bear looking at your canvas? 


Prisma is a special app that transforms your images into a masterpiece painted by Van Gogh. Currently, the app provides 300 filters to choose from. So, start snapping the camera and create masterpieces just like a master artist. 



Although the idea of a ‘machine’ learning with you might sound scary to some but machine learning apps like Sea hero quest and others have proven otherwise. Not only, do these apps do a world of good but they might just be the thing we need while solving issues beyond the scope of human intelligence.


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