The Best High Schools in Asia – Dubai Edition

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If you are a parent who is residing in Dubai or are moving to the nation because you are an expat, then there would be a long list of questions that you will have about the city. Most of them are about your residence, your work, your neighbourhood and the most pertinent one, If you have a child then, what are the best schools in the city of Dubai? Every year the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, the Dubai’s version of the OFSTED of the United Kingdom, selects some schools which they proclaim as the best in the nation,  and categorise them as either outstanding or very good or good. They do it by visiting these schools which are internationally recognised as well as have a curriculum that is accredited. These yearly visits ensure that the quality of Dubai schools are always upheld and they upgrade their facilities as well as amenities on a regular basis to give the students world class, top notch education.

Some of the schools of Dubai are really renowned for their comprehensive facilities as well as the unique perks that they provide to their students which make them stand out amidst the crowd of all other schools of the nation.

There are curriculums that pertain to different nations in Dubai mainly,

  • The British curriculum schools
  • The Indian curriculum schools
  • The Us curriculum schools
  • The French curriculum schools

Schools that have Islamic ethos are also an important part of Dubai’s academic map. 

Let us see which are the top 3 schools of Dubai which are creating ripples in the academic scenario of the world.

The Global Indian International School Dubai 

This Dubai secondary school, which is a premier seat of education in not only Dubai but also in the academic map of the world, has built a reputation for itself for becoming a school which has created a culture of excellence as well as innovation in the teaching pedagogy over the last few years. This dubai secondary school which is identified as the best International School in Dubai, offers not only outstanding facilities to all its students but also quality learning experience for the students which makes GIIS one of the most sought after Indian international schools of the nation.


There are multiple reasons why Global Indian International School should be chosen by a parent. It is a great option for any parent or student who is looking for an Indian school in Dubai. The reason is that GIIS does not extensively focus only on the academic part of a students career but also makes sure about their overall wellbeing as well. This indian high school firmly believes that the key to fruitful learning experience is the happiness of a child and that is the reason they even have a happiness index through which they analyze the happiness quotient of each student so that they can make the overall experience of the child a pleasant one. Needless to say, this Indian high school thinks out of the box and has an innovative school environment which ensures that students will be transformed into lifelong happy learners and won’t be pressured to become unhappy children who are being mercilessly eaten up by the mechanical society and their stringent parameters of academic excellence. The Global Indian International School is indeed the best International School in Dubai because only here a student gets educated through a value based education system and also imbibe cultural awareness. These factors result in all the students to become not only highly valued professionals in the future but also truly global citizens who have proper consciousness about the self and the other.

This Indian high school provides its students with superior academic offerings and they are committed to the growth of each child so much that they have proper counselors who are empathetic as well as qualified to take care of the child’s psychological, emotional as well as mental well being. 


The Jumeirah English Speaking School or JESS

The Jumeirah English Speaking School or  more commonly called JESS, is situated in one of the most posh villa communities in Dubai called the Arabian ranches. This school is one of the most significant names when it comes to the education of expat children and students who live around this location, which is extremely sought after. This school is also an empathetic seat of education which provides dedicated support to all those students who have special needs or Students with Determination. 

If it comes to the matter of amenities as well as facilities, every student would be spoiled for choice in this school because this school has some of the best features, not only in Dubai but in the entire UAE, like:

  • Swimming pool which has the facility of temperature controlling
  • Multiple sports courts as well as fields
  • Dance studios
  • Drama studios
  • Recording studio where singing superstars of the future could record their songs

Jumeirah English Speaking School has two campuses, one in the Arabian ranches and the other one in Jumeirah, where it admits children who are as little as toddlers of 3 years to young adults who are of 18.


Repton Dubai School

Repton Dubai School is a unique seat of learning which amalgamates the cultural nerve, traditions as well as life force of UAE with the posh, rich heritage, culture as well as traditions of its close partner, Repton School in the UK.

This school can boast of the fact that it possesses the largest campus of this region which spreads across 1.33 MN square feet of area and has students who come from more than 80 countries. Repton Dubai School practices the curriculum which brings upon academic excellence in a student, which are:

  • UK
  • IIBD
  • IBCP

This school can boast of a whopping statistics which would impress any parent, like, the fact that this school boasts of a 100% success rate in the IB examination, while 51% of the students who sat for these examinations got either an A+ or an A-. More than 90% of Junior School students who have sat for the global tests have succeeded in their results. A student can choose from more than 120 free extracurricular activities in the school that are specifically designed to bring forth a child’s learning as well as development capabilities.


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