The Best Ever Solution For “QuickBooks Error 6000 83” error

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QuickBooks is high-end accounting software. It has a widespread user base that belongs to small and medium-scale businesses and has a presence around the globe. The best-in-class features of QuickBooks include POS, payroll, tax filing for returns, etc along with a smooth user-friendly interface which makes it even easier for users with no prior accounting background to understand and work with QuickBooks. But sometimes users have reported issues that wreak havoc on their daily tasks. The “QuickBooks Error 6000 83” occurs on the user’s screen while they attempt to restore or runs a backup of company files. However, there could be others factors that play a role in triggering the error code and it has a variety of solutions to get the error fixed in no time, which are provided in the subsequent topics of the post.

On the contrary, the error code “QuickBooks Error 6000 83” often turns up on the PC screen, and it can rather be fixed using the appropriate methods provided in the sub-sections of the post. Notwithstanding, if any relevant queries trouble you, call on the toll-free number 1-(855)-856-0042 for better technical assistance.

Reasons behind the “QuickBooks Error 6000 83”

1. If the user is trying to restore using the company files over a network instead of on a local drive.
2. If more than one computer is acting as a server for the company files in a multi-user.
3. The company files you are attempting to work with possessing impaired data.
4. The company file backup user is trying to save is saved doesn’t comply with the rules for naming the file.

Preventive measures to be taken to fix “QuickBooks Error 6000 83”

Solution-1: Checking if the backup folder is working by creating a demo folder

1. Quit ‘QuickBooks’ on the host PC.
2. Go to ‘Start Menu’. In the search field, type ‘File Explorer’. Right-click to ‘Open’ File Explorer.
3. Go to ‘My Computer’, then locate the drive the ‘C:’ drive and double-click on it to open.
4. Create a New Folder using the right mouse button on the blank screen then clicking on ‘New’ from the drop-down, choose ‘Folder’ within options under ‘New’.
5. A new folder will create. A cursor displays near the folder icon to rename the folder.
6. Type ‘QB Test Folder’ to rename it.
7. Try to run the backup now and choose QB Test Folder to save the backup.
8. Go through directions to restore company files using the backup file you saved in QB Test Folder.

In case, if the above solution doesn’t work for you, try running QuickBooks File Doctor in QuickBooks Tool Hub to attempt and recover impaired data in the company files being accessed.

We arrived at the end of our blog. We wish that our post on the error code “QuickBooks 6000 83” will help our users a great deal by having all the necessary information and tools to obviate the error code. We strive to make a difference and tried hard to answer all the queries raised by our users. Nonetheless, if you are still struggling with the error or have a relevant query, dial on the helpdesk 1-(855)-856-0042 for a solution tailored to your needs.


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