The Benefits Of Different Types Of Tyres

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The market is abundant with varied types of tyres with their own advantages and sometimes this information can get really overwhelming. In this article, we will try to make it easy for you to make a choice that caters to your needs.

1. Run-flat tyres: 

These are tubeless performance tyres that allow you to keep on driving with a flat tyre for approximately 50 miles at a reasonable speed. The tyres are sturdy and can cover distances without chances of blow-out even on low air. It also offers you a better handling and driving experience.

Run-flat tyres can only be fitted with cars that have a tyre pressure monitoring system(TPMS). These tyres allow you to have a smooth ride even when they are punctured and sometimes it isn’t even noticeable but it is still necessary for you to monitor the air pressure to avoid damage. 

2.Radial tyres:

For all the good reasons, these are one of the most common tubed tyres you will find in the market. It allows stability and flexibility due to the independent sidewall and tread design. It has a low rolling resistance and helps with lowering fuel consumption.

Radial tyre types: 

Winter tyres performance

Winter tyres are made up of softer compounds that allow them to provide better grip and safety in cold and extreme conditions. These tyres are designed to provide higher flexibility in temperatures below 7degree Celsius above which they can’t be used. In warm conditions, they have bad cornering and longer stopping distance.

Summer tyre performance

They are made up of harder compounds that provide optimized performance in wet and dry conditions at higher temperatures. The chances of aquaplaning with Summer Tyres Leicester are very low and they work extremely well as performance tyres.

Performance of all-season tyres

As the name suggests these tyres are versatile and can be used in varying temperatures. They are a mix of the features of both the summer and winter tyres and might save you the time and money to change twice a year. However, what they make up for in versatility they compromise in performance. They save you the time and cost of making seasonal changes but lower your driving experience.


In comparison to summer tyres, they harden better at lower temperature providing better grip but this is nothing in comparison to the grip and safety a winter tyre would provide. These tyres however might need to be replaced more frequently and are costlier than performance tyres.

3.Other types of tyres

Van tyres:

These tyres are meant for heavier vehicles and loads that are necessary for professional use. Tyres Leicester comes in all variants of seasonal and all-season tyres.

All-terrain tyres:

All-terrain or purpose tyres are a combination of street and off-road tyres. These must be your choice if you keep travelling on roads of different terrains.

Mud tyres:

These tyres have a huge tread that helps them travel through mud, sand and even rocks.

This falls in the off-road tyres category.

Touring tyres:

These tyres are meant for long-distance use and provide high comfort. They cant be driven at high speeds to help sustain their slow wear but this is where their pleasant charm lies. In most cases, they are all-season tyres.

Low profile tyres:

Low-profile tyres come with a small height from the rim to the outer edge. This is common in cars that want to achieve a sportier look. These cars sacrifice comfort to provide a dynamic driving experience.


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