The Art of Wearing White Coloured Contact Lenses

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Halloween is nothing without scary and over the top spine-chilling costumes, and makeup looks. Everyone is competing to see who can come up with the best and most horrifying Halloween costume. So this time of the year is perfect for bringing your creative side out and showing everyone how artistic and talented you are. Since it is a popular tradition to dress up freakishly on Halloween, scare little children, and go to fancy dress parties, people usually start preparing for it a long time before arrival. Finding the perfect costume, which is horror and trendy and unique, is quite a difficult job to do. It demands a lot of brainstorming as well as searching the markets for your perfect costume and accessories. Some people decide to go with their favorite horror movie character, which is the easiest thing you can do. Other than that, you can take inspiration from totally fictitious names such as vampires, werewolves, zombies, and witches. Some people even choose a funny take on Halloween costumes and dress up as food items and even everyday products like tissue rolls, toothpaste, hot dog, burger buns, etc.

Halloween contact lenses are one way to elevate your costume to a very horrifying degree from a normal one. White-coloured contact lenses give your eyes a very deathly and hollow look. This soul-less and unblinking look is what everyone wants to achieve at Halloween. They are very popular among people who love doing SFX art and are Halloween makeup artists. Zombie costumes also go very well with white-coloured contact lenses. The possibilities with white and black contacts are endless. All you need to do is work up your imagination and conjure as many horrifying costumes as you like.

All white and all-black Halloween contact lenses give your eyes a hollow and empty look, scary enough to even scare the ghosts away! These lenses can elevate even a simple costume to a much higher degree, making you the center of attention. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself your favorite pair of Halloween contact lenses and get ready to creep everyone out.

Types of White Coloured Halloween Lenses

There are a lot of types of contact lenses that you can choose from, each perfect for a certain type of look and outfit. These Halloween contact lenses are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. With proper care, they may even last you a year without having to change or replace them.

  • All-White Contact Lenses

All-white contact lenses are best for dark coloured eyes because of their pigmentation. These lenses are very white in colour and can cover up dark-coloured eyes very well. Even though white coloured lenses come in different kinds of patterns and designs, people usually go for simple white-coloured lenses for their outfits because of their eerie outlook.

  • White Contacts Covering the Pupil

These lenses are perfect for achieving an all-white look with the eyes. These lenses cover up your pupil as well as your iris, giving you a dead and possessed look. These lenses do come in the way of clear sight, so it is important to keep that in mind.

  • Neon White Coloured Lenses

These lenses are popular for night-time Halloween parties because they glow in the dark and look very spooky. These are best for animalistic costumes because of how shiny, and reflective they make your eyes look.

All the looks you can achieve with white contact lenses

Halloween contact lenses are absolutely amazing and make your costume look ten times more spine chilling than it already is. For this reason, get your hands on some Halloween contact lenses this year to freak out all your friends and family members.

We have collected some of the scariest and the most horrifying looks for you to recreate this Halloween.

The Icy Queen Look

White contact lenses go best with costumes related to icy characters such as ice queens like Elsa. For recreating an ice queen look, get your hands on a silver wig and some white body paint. With the aid of some blue body paint, draw icicles and frozen snow on different parts of your face. Adding white contact lenses to this look will give you an absolutely spine-chilling Halloween costume. For accessories, you can add a white floral crown.

The Joker Look

Joker looks are very popular at Halloween because not only is Joker a very famous movie character, but a lot of people have fears of clowns and jokers. Because of this reason, this costume is pretty popular among the masses. Recreating this outfit may require you to get a funky-coloured wig, body paints to paint your face, and all-white contact lenses for a bleak and soul-less look.

Walking Dead Zombies Look

Walking Dead has been the biggest Halloween costume inspiration for as long as one can remember. These brain-eating zombies are the perfect example of gross as well as extremely scary. With the amount of fake blood and prosthetics available in the market at Halloween time, you can easily recreate a zombie look. For a more scary effect, try putting on a wig cap and blending it with the skin tone of your face. Using prosthetics that look like the insides of your brain and latex blood will give you a very spot-on zombie impression. Ragged clothes and white Halloween contact lenses will work as the cherry on top!

Deadpool Halloween Look

Who says Halloween looks can only be scary? You can take inspiration from your favorite TV show or movie characters as well. Deadpool, being one of the most loved movie characters because of his humor and sarcasm would be a perfect Halloween costume for someone who loves those same things! Deadpool costumes can be ordered online as well as found in costume shops. All-White coloured contact lenses are perfect for this costume.

Deadly Queen Elsa Look

As we already said, Halloween is all about letting your inner artist take over. A different take on the graceful and magnificent Queen Elsa would be very unique and unexpected for the spectators. Queen Elsa with bloodied eyes and disfigured skin, white contact lenses, and fangs for teeth is a costume that no one will ever forget.


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