The Art of Mixing Tattoo Inks and Creating an Inclusive Palette

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What must you do when your tattoo inks fail to provide the correct shade? Blend them to form new colours! Tattoo ink can easily be mixed, diluted, and made darker or lighter. You can create an all-encompassing palette that meets the customer requirements in a seamless manner.

Use proper procedures, or else you will end up ruining your tattoo ink. Make sure the tool you are stirring with is disinfected, or else you will cross-contaminate the colours. If you wish to learn, please check out the rest of the discussion right now.

Make Ink Darker

Is the red not dark enough for the blood rose you wish to etch? Add a little black, and you may get just the right shade. To make colours dark, you have to rely on black ink. Please pour two to three drops first, and never stop mixing. Test the colour before adding again. As mentioned above, invest in a tool that has been disinfected or cleaned with a bleaching solution. Some artists use disposable needles since they are cent percent safe.

Make Ink Lighter

The process of making colours lighter relies on a similar principle as making them darker; only this time, you have to use white instead of black. The inks having a substantial amount of pigment, will be able to retain distilled water properly. Again, it is necessary to do so by adding one drop because you can always pour more later, but you cannot take the risk of turning the ink too light.

Blend to Make New Colours

In order to make a new colour, you have to mix two or more inks together. The basic doctrine of mixing paints comes into play out here. For example, yellow and red create an orange. The more red you add, you will get a reddish tint, the more yellow you add, you will get a yellowish tint. Blue and red pave the way for purple. A couple of other combinations include:

  • Yellow + Blue = Green
  • Red + Green = Brown
  • Yellow + Green = Lime
  • White + Red = Pink
  • Yellow + Red + White = Peach

White and black together generate gray colour, which is ideal for intricate tribal patterns. The more black ink you pour, the darker gray you will have. The more white ink you pour, the lighter gray you will have.

For more information regarding the art of mixing colours, you may visit Google Paint Mixing.

The experts offering the best tattoo ink supplies in Australia said mixing colours offer an amazing opportunity to procure multiple shades. If you wish to satisfy a major segment of the population, a large palette seems almost mandatory.

While mixing and blending tattoo inks seems like a skill every artist needs to know, in the present times, manufacturers are already delivering inks of varying colours. This eliminates the necessity of mastering the skill. Still, it comes handy if you have just started your business and cannot afford to invest in renowned brands yet.


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