The Advantages of Antique Bathroom Vanities

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Bathroom vanities that have been around for a long time are known as antique bathroom vanities. The majority of these vintage vanities are antique in appearance rather than age.

When well-crafted, modern antique bathroom vanities have the common lines, curves, and accents of old-world craftsmanship. Antique bathroom vanities built nowadays frequently feature Victorian-era styles. Their sturdy wood construction and intricately carved façade transport you to a time when woodcarving was a master craft and the public adored gracefully etched foliage, vines, and accents.

Advantages of Modern Antique Bathroom Vanities

Although modern antique-style vanities may not have the true age to match their classification, antique bathroom vanities of today offer enhanced function and durability. Since the days of kings and queens, bathroom vanity design (as well as internal plumbing) has come a long way.

Antique vanities now come with flawless sink and faucet integration and, in many cases, outperform modern run-of-the-mill bathroom vanities in terms of function. Modern antique bathroom vanities also provide the opportunity to completely redesign your bathroom.

Imagine draping your bathroom in old-world splendour, with rich, vibrant colours, tapestries, and paintings fit for a Victorian emperor.

However, some purists believe that when they say they want “antique,” they really mean “original.” It is possible to obtain a genuine antique bathroom vanity, but what you gain in originality, you lose in functionality.

True antique vanities are more of a novelty and often require extensive restoration and updating before they can be used in the home. That isn’t to say that truly original vanities from the past don’t look great in modern bathrooms. In fact, they can be excellent conversation pieces and add a touch of uniqueness to your bathroom.

The one disadvantage of these vanities is that, in most cases, purchasing and restoring a true antique bathroom vanity will cost much more than purchasing a modern bathroom vanity fashioned after antique styles and designs.

Is it preferable to be “Old” or “Old-School”?

In the end, whether you go for a true antique (ancient) or an antique-styled (old-school) look is all up to you. Manufacturers of bathroom vanities are creating extravagant and elegant antique-styled vanities that resemble the fashions of the past.

Of course, their true age is more modern than antique, but when you weigh the costs of buying old versus spending to make it new, you’ll find that buying new and having it fashioned to look “vintage” is more cost-effective.

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Where can find antique and vintage vanities?

Finding the perfect antique and vintage vanities for you can feel like a quest for the Holy Grail. You might be able to find it in a couple different places.

Buying antique furniture directly from an antique and vintage merchant, whether in a brick-and-mortar store or at a specialised trade show, is the simplest method. Working with professionals, on the other hand, will give you with peace of mind at a higher expense.

If you live in an older area, don’t be hesitant to check into additional choices such as furniture auction and estate sale.

You may also discover some extremely fascinating materials online auction, providing you with a diverse selection of options. However, buying an antique piece of furniture online might expose you to a seller’s deception, whether intentional or not.

Request a big number of photographs before purchasing furniture online auction so you can get a better sense of the condition your purchase will be in. It might be costly to have an antique writing table delivered.


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