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The loss of private data is a serious problem in the age of digitalisation. According to a survey by the eco Association of the Internet Economy, 43 percent of Germans, French and other countries have already been affected by such data loss. In case of doubt, however, the lost files can be recovered with data recovery software. With the Stellar Data Recovery software, we looked at one of the market-leading tools in detail, which is available for home users in a free version for Windows.

No Data recovery software can Replace Backup

What can be an existential problem for companies is more likely to result in personal loss for individuals, for example, when thousands of family photos in recent years are suddenly unreadable due to a data corruption problem. Even though more and more data is stored on SSD and memory cards today, which are no longer exposed to intense mechanical stress, as with hard drives, a backup of the personal data is still enormously important. However, according to the market research institutes, one in three home users does not back up their data, as reported by The Storage Insider. As a result, the most important personal data is in danger of being lost allotting.

In case of data loss, action must be taken quickly

Whether the images, documents or videos have been accidentally deleted, a hard drive is damaged or important files have been emptied from the recycle bin: as soon as data loss is detected, quick action is extremely important. If you wait a long time, you may risk total data loss if the potentially recoverable files have already been overwritten with other information. The immediate use of free data recovery software is therefore advisable to achieve the greatest possible probability of recovery.

The Free Stellar Data Recovery Software

If you are looking for a data recovery program on the Internet, you will quickly become aware of the Stellar Free Data Recovery Software. According to the manufacturer, this is one of the leading data recovery programs on the market, which is offered for Windows. The Stellar Free Data Recovery software promises a quick solution for recovering lost data.

Features of the free version

  • You can recover deleted, formatted, lost, and corrupted files, as well as password protected files from the hard drives.
  • The recoverable amount of data is limited to 1GB in the free version.
  • The recovery routine supports more than 1,000 different file types, including photos, videos, documents, emails, and ZIP-compressed files.
  • Photos and documents can be viewed in preview penal. You just need to select only the files that are really needed for recovery.
  • Data recovery supports internal and external hard drives, SSD’s, USB sticks, micro/SD cards, and other storage media.

Data recovery in three easy steps

Using the Stellar Free Data Recovery is very easy. In just three steps, you can select the affected disk, search for potentially lost data, and then recover it. Through the entire process, the user is passed step by step, so that even users with little IT background knowledge should not have any problems in handling the data recovery software.

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Step 1: Selecting the type of Data

Step 2: Select and Analysis the drive

Step 3: Data Preview and Restore

Conclusion and recommendation

The Stellar Free Data Recovery Software delivers its promise: it provides quick and easy help for recovering accidentally deleted or lost files and documents. Limiting data to a maximum of 1 GB limits, but if you need to restore large hard drives or memory cards, you can still check the possibility of recovery with the free version and then switch to the paid version of the Stellar Data Recovery Standard with just a few clicks.


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