Ten Successful Real Estate SEO Strategies for 2021

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Indian real estate sector is gradually pacing up the growth charts. This is bound to attract many real estate marketers, agents and developers to enter the market and take up real estate projects. Potential buyers see lucrative opportunities to invest in both commercial and residential real estates. Every real estate business must enhance its SEO strategies for a successful venture in 2021 to flourish. So, now the question is how to do SEO for a real estate website? Here are some of the successful real estate SEO strategies for 2021 that will help better navigate your business growth.

1. Optimise your Google business page

With the Google business feature, now people can find your business directly with the help of your Geotag. All your reviews, ratings and contact details will be shown directly on the search results once you optimise your real estate business profile according to the local requirements. People searching for services such as ‘real estate properties near me’ will get your recommendation, among others. Now, if your page is optimised, it will be more visible to the customers.

2. Improve your ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews are an essential aspect of displaying your businesses’ authenticity and quality.  People usually refrain from clicking on a website with negative reviews and low ratings. According to the Search Engine Watch, more than 90% of people visit websites only after the verified reviews. So, improving your positive review ratings is essential since it marks your service as genuine, boosting your local rankings. So, asking all your previous clients to offer their testimonies and rate your page is a great strategy to improve your SEO ranking.

3. Target keyword optimisation

Targeted keyword optimisation helps to identify the intent of local customers. However, simple keyword optimisation won’t yield many results since it is highly competitive. Moreover, using simple keywords such as real estate may be just seeking information on the topic. So, their conversion rate is relatively less. However, if your SEO optimisation strategy incorporates targeted keywords with long-tail keywords, then the conversion rate of your real estate business increases manifold. Long-tail keywords are a valuable resource to enhance SEO for real estate websites. It is significant since a person searching with the help of long-tail keywords is a potential client. So, if your page can match their specific search results, they are more likely to hire your services. So, get your real estate SEO website optimised to suit specific long-tail keyword searches such as ‘commercial real estate agents in Mumbai’.

4. Optimise title and subheadings

Optimising title and subheadings is the most common way to increase your real estate SEO rankings. Using relevant keywords in them improves your content’s visibility. Moreover, a catchphrase or a compelling title encourages people to click on your website. This increases the click-through rate for your real estate website. Thereby, it increases engagement on your website, which in turn increases your webpage’s ranking.

5. Focus on content quality

Content quality is known to increase SEO rankings since high-quality content with relevant material increases your site’s domain authority by improving SEO rankings. However, most real estate businesses don’t pay much attention to meaningful content. Moreover, adding too many keywords for visibility regardless of the content does more harm than good to the website’s SEO ranking. So, keeping a balance on the readability, coherence, consistency, and target keywords makes the real estate website top the search results.

6. Use backlinks from trusted sites

Trusted sites are the ones that have high yield quality backlinks. A network of backlinks from trusted websites increases your site authenticity, and Google web crawlers certify this by increasing your domain authority. This is an excellent tactic to improve your overall SEO ranking.

7. Use infographics and videos

Videos and infographics summarise the content and add diversity to your page. It also increases engagement on your website. Video content gets more leads and brand awareness than non-video content marketing. So, including video content significantly helps you to scale the SEO rankings.

8. Image optimisation

Image optimisation helps with Google reverse image search, a much-ignored strategy by the real estate businesses. If the image is optimised with all the right keywords and relevant information in its metadata, it increases your SEO rankings.

9. Smartphone optimisation

When optimising our website, we often forget that the internet search is not dominated by smartphones other than desktops or PCs. With this shift, realtors need to get their website optimised to suit a smartphone’s screen. Often you may have come across your phone browser notifying if a site is mobile friendly. This little strategy can be a deal-breaker since it makes it easy and convenient for real estate buyers to search and contact you directly on your phone if they become interested in your real estate services.

10. Improve your page speed

Often, your website’s speed gets slow due to either linkage with bad quality backlinks flagged as spam or obsolete pages of your website. Repairing any obsolete websites that usually show the ‘404 error’ can increase your website’s functioning. Moreover, getting rid of any unwanted spammy backlink can hold the risk of your website getting penalised by Google web crawlers. So, maintaining your website in top condition is another way to rank higher in those real estate search results.


Although starting with SEO is a little tricky since several technical nuances keep changing from time to time. But, guess what? Real Estate Digital Marketing Company Amura is committed to helping you realise your business goals by using its cutting edge technology to market your business and increase brand awareness. With the help of intelligent marketing strategies, Amura will help convert your leads into long term clients. So, why not get started today!


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