Ten Development Trends in the Dental Medical Industry

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1. Dental partner model

Today’s dental medical industry has gradually become a capital-intensive industry. It can be said that all big names or funds are involved in dental medical care. But no matter how much capital is involved, the industry is always inseparable from people, because the core of this medical service industry is still people, and dental talents are always the foundation of the industry. So every oral person has his own dream or vision! I just hope to use the spirit of “ownership” to change from being a career to being a career. Therefore, in today’s dental medical industry, it is more and more difficult to recruit employees based on employment relationships. The dental medical industry will be the era of partners in the future. From capital partners, technical partners, to business partners, this trend has already been practiced by many institutions!

2. Dental specialist medical model

As the government opens up to the dental medical industry, the threshold for medical practitioners is getting lower and lower. Entrepreneurs in the dental medical industry have more opportunities to display their abilities and ideas. In the dental medical industry, the current dental medical environment has created a serious homogenization of many small and medium-sized dental medical institutions! The industry attribute of dental medicine itself is to strive for excellence and meticulous management. Therefore, the trend towards specialized dental medicine is also one of the future trends. Because of many single diseases, only specialization can be done more professionally and can solve the essential needs of medical treatment!

3. Dental medical insurance model

We all know that the oral medical industry abroad is very developed, and the people abroad have a strong awareness of oral health care. But in fact, there are two most important factors. The first is that people’s awareness and cognition are different. Take electric toothbrushes as an example: the population usage rate in China is less than 1% using electric toothbrushes, while European and American developed countries have reached 60 to 70%. Usage rate. Therefore, many electric toothbrush manufacturers in Dongguan, Guangdong, and Ningbo, Zhejiang, almost do brand OEMs for developed countries in Europe and the United States. Second, the national insurance policy system is different. Our national medical insurance policy can only solve part of the problems in oral treatment. In addition to government medical insurance abroad, there are also much commercial insurance! To escort the oral health of the people, so the rate of patient visits abroad is very high. We can see that there are many denture processing enterprises in Shenzhen, almost all of them provide denture processing services for foreign developed countries in Europe and the United States. Explain some problems, and our domestic medical treatment rate is low, and the lack of teeth is still very high. Therefore, our domestic oral commercial insurance is also in its infancy. This is also the general trend of future dental medical insurance development!

4. Oral tourism medical model

In fact, the model of oral tourism medical treatment has always existed. Many Chinese and Chinese working abroad often use vacations to come back to solve oral problems. While visiting relatives to solve the problem of oral diseases, there has never been a large-scale one. So far, some dental medical institutions have carried out dental tourism medical treatment. In addition to the good scenery in the country, more importantly, Chinese dentists and medical technology have been synchronized with the world. Therefore, the development direction of dental medical tourism will also become a trend.

5. Oral multi-point practice mode

The multi-point practice of dentists actually existed before the government had no open policy. It’s just that a lot of dentists pass, this kind of academic exchanges, or they are operating in private, with the government’s policy orientation, the shortage of dentists, and the multi-point practice mode of dentists. Many regional chain institutions are already testing the waters. It’s just a good way to release some high net worth, and high age, dentist labor force. From interdisciplinary, expert consultation, to provide better solutions, from domestic multi-point practice to international multi-point practice, this trend is gradually coming!

6. Oral Al artificial intelligence technology

According to dental perfect AI artificial intelligence technology, the term is very new in the Internet industry, and updated in the dental medical industry, but many people are constantly trying, or it took a long time to develop such applications. [There are good applications, coming soon] We can simply understand it as the ability to replicate talents, or the ability to replicate expert experience. This kind of interdisciplinary science and technology will gradually be applied in the dental field. Al artificial intelligence technology can also solve the problems of time and experience. This is also a new field and a good trend in the future development of the dental medical industry!

7. Dentist technical chair side mode

From the early days, the combination of dental technicians and hospital doctors was actually a concept of transferring from other departments to the prosthetic department. However, with the development of factory and industrialization, it has gradually become an enterprise operation. The services of the dental medical industry and the cooperation of medical technology are particularly important, especially in the field of restoration. Gradually, dental medical institutions represented by the chair side model are gradually developing some one-stop medical models. Provide solutions for some high-end patients and high-demand patients. Of course, it also solves a lot of communication and differentiation issues. Someone has been applying this direction, and it will become a niche trend for some high-end dental medical institutions!

8. Oral regionalization chain model

Domestic dental medical institutions, the first batch of dental entrepreneurs have accumulated more than ten years, and have gradually moved from single stores to chain institutions in this area. The localization and zoning attributes of the dental medical industry will also create a number of chain institutions that are de-allocated. Because regional chain institutions have a better understanding of local consumer demand and local market structure, this trend has blossomed everywhere!

9. Oral consumption membership model

The consumption of oral cavity, from simple consultation to treatment, has gradually emerged, from the mutual trust of oral medical consumption, the establishment of the consumption model of members, and the conversion from the early customer relationship to the user relationship. Because everyone should have their own personal dentist, or a credible dental medical institution. The membership model is able to solve powerfully, establish better consumer demands with dental medical institutions or dentists, and provide better medical services and quality. Therefore, the oral consumption membership model will become a trend!

10. Oral industry chain integration model

All kinds of capital and funds intervene in the dental medical industry. In fact, it is hoped that through the integration of the industry chain, the development of the entire industry can be optimized, because only through the integration of the industry chain can the economy of the entire industry be boosted. And this integrated model, whether it is a material supplier, an integrated outpatient clinic, or a terminal dental medical institution, is developed to integrate the future material supplier. This integration model has never stopped, but in the future integration model, it will be more accelerated. The window of opportunity for this trend has come, because the more intense the competition, the stronger the need for integration.


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