Switch2us Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

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Want to learn the basics of Pay-Per-Click Marketing? Switch2us has got your back! We provide PPC service from India to clients globally. Pay-per-click marketing is a powerful tool when used correctly for promotion. Switch2us PPC services in India will increase online visibility, traffic, leads, and sales on your website. Pay-per-click advertising or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is how brands place ads online and pay each time a user clicks on them.

It is divided into-

Search Advertising: Ads appearing as search results on search engines.

Display Advertising: Ads in the form of graphics, videos, or paid posts on social media feeds or other third-party websites.

Google Ads is the Most Popular PPC Platform for their PPC search ad campaigns. As most people prefer Google as their search engine, it is the most appealing choice for placing paid search ads. These ads appear as results and include an “Ad” label as they are paid listings. Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Promoted Pinterest Pins, LinkedIn Ads, and Quora Ads are among other famous platforms for pay-per-click marketing in India.

Our PPC service from India includes in-depth keyword research to find relevant and popular search terms among users. Let’s understand pay-per-click marketing through this example:

  1. Dropbox observes its target audience searching for “baby products” regularly.
  2. Your pay-per-click service provider in India creates a PPC search ad for users when they search for “baby products”.
  3. Dropbox sets up the ad campaign through Google Ads.

4. A user searches for “baby products” to sees the Dropbox paid search result and clicks on it.

5. Dropbox is charged.

You can run one or more campaigns within your Google account. Ads are organized within the Campaign as Ad groups. It is more specific about the theme of your business. A campaign can contain one or more ad groups. Every campaign includes budget, language, location, distribution for the Google Network.

 Use Campaign types to decide where your ads appear. This includes display networks, shopping campaigns, video campaigns, or search network campaigns that appear as text ads in SERPs.

 With Device targeting, select types of devices to show your ads. Desktops, tablets, mobile devices, or a custom combination of the three are the available options.

 Through Location targeting, set the specific geographic areas. Options, such as city name, zip code, or mile radius can be used to target the area. This is highly useful for local businesses to connect with people near their businesses.

 Setting the Budget will help you decide the amount you want to spend on campaigns.

Here are some of the ways our Digital Team optimizes the Google ads-

 Achieving higher Quality Scores for better ad placement and lower cost-per-clicks.

 Using relevant keywords that are closely related to the content on the landing page.

 Monitoring campaigns and analyzing which settings, keywords, and ads are converting better. Then make changes according to our observation to get the best results.

 Updating keyword list with the new better performing and negative keywords with less activity for future campaigns.

 Forming ad groups for better targeting and removing costly keywords.

 Optimizing the landing page content to keep the visitor longer on the website.

Still, confused if PPC marketing can help your brand grow? Book your consultation with Switch2us. We help clients build powerful Pay-Per-Click Marketing campaigns. Our team uses this type of advertising for efficient lead generation. With our PPC service from India, you can take a strategic approach to set up campaigns.


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